Chapter 6

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"ShadowClan has been smart enough to keep their distance so far," Sunstar meowed. Skypaw's paws itched to run through the forest again and hide in camp as her leader spoke to her. She felt she could hear Mousetail's unease present inside of her.

"Why would they?" Hazelflower interrupted. Skypaw shot her a thankful glance as Sunstar took his spooky eyes off her. "We haven't battled with them in moons."

"They're ShadowClan," Sunstar replied. "you don't know what they could be up to."

"Don't let Russetsky hear you talking about ShadowClan," Petalheart meowed uncertainly. Skypaw and Rainpaw's eyes both bolted to the white she-cat. Petalheart looked confused for a second, but realization hit her as she remembered kits of the ThunderClan deputy were right in front of her. "S-sorry," Petalheart stammered. "I didn't mean it like that. Russetsky just doesn't like hearing about her home Clan."

"Indeed she doesn't, but that doesn't matter. She is a loyal ThunderClan deputy and her birth Clan is left behind. She's had to battle them before, and will certainly do it again. She will agree that they are all foxhearts, so what's the problem?" Sunstar meowed. "Let's finish this patrol, and you should get back to training Rainpaw, Petalheart."

Petalheart and Hazelflower both nodded. "Let's go, Rainpaw." Petalheart meowed before setting foot through the forest from the place Rainpaw and Skypaw collided.

"I'm going to be at camp," Sunstar informed the two she-cats. Hazelflower's eyes widened in shock.

"Aren't you going to come with us?" She questioned. "This is a patrol!"

"I have my reasons and I did my half." Sunstar meowed deeply. Skypaw's skin crawled. "Go patrol WindClan." Sunstar ordered. Hazelflower seemed to be worry-some about the ThunderClan leader as well, so she simply nodded and flicked her tail signalling Skypaw to follow as she set off towards the WindClan moor.

Once they were out of earshot of the ThunderClan leader, Hazeflower broke the silence that was growing between them. "He should be with us," she meowed sympathetically. "Your first patrol doesn't even feel like a patrol, but a simple game of running around the forest."

"It's okay," Skypaw meowed. "Sunstar has a lot on his paws right now." She tried to come up with something to say.

"With what? With a functioning deputy and a healthy medicine cat, plus all of the greencough gone from ThunderClan? He sure seems paw-full." Hazelflower's tone was heavy with frustration.

"Leader's word is law," Skypaw remembered Russetsky meowing those words to her. She felt it was appropriate to repeat them to her mentor.

Hazelflower did nothing but sigh. After
a little while, they reached the WindClan border and patrolled it, finding no issues with no problem at all.

"No issues with WindClan, Russetsky." Hazelflower meowed to the ThunderClan deputy as her and Skypaw padded into camp. Now that sunhigh had come, Skypaw was hungry.

"Hi, Skypaw," Skypaw was half way to the fresh kill pile when a familiar meow called her name.

"Featherfur," Skypaw meowed, surprise clear in her voice.

"I'm sorry we haven't talked since I've became a warrior and you an apprentice," Featherfur meowed apologetically. "I've kind of let our relationship slip out of my paws."

"It's okay," Skypaw replied, shaking it off. "we both have duties for our Clan now."

"True," Featherfur agreed. "Bumblefoot just thinks I've just been sheltering myself ever since we became mates,"

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