Chapter 36

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Skypaw purred as she was tackled by four tiny bodies. Sharp, tiny claws dug into her pelt as Featherfur's litter climbed her like a tree, but she didn't care.

The night Featherfur gave birth to her four lovely kits, Skypaw begged Willowleaf to see them. Willowleaf refused, and much to Skypaw's annoyance, kicked Hazelflower out of the medicine den. What Skypaw had felt that night still confused her, so she pushed it to the back of her mind.

Willowleaf had reluctantly released Skypaw from her care a few days later, and Skypaw visited her friend in the nursery alone. Willowleaf had said that Featherfur was a real trooper, that four kits and a long, painful birth didn't stop her. The ThunderClan medicine cat said that if the silver warrior didn't have enough strength that she most likely would have died, taking the kits to StarClan's ranks with her.

Bumblefoot and Featherfur's four kits, three she-kits and a tom, were warm-heartedly welcomed to the Clan. The only cat that hadn't seen the four new bundles of fur before Skypaw had was Sunstar, and Skypaw knew he most likely wouldn't even give them a second thought until they were six moons.

The two mates had selected names for their litter. The first born being a cream colored tom with black stripes, looking almost exactly like his father. He took on his mother's blue eyes, and he had been given the name of Brackenkit.

The next kit that had been born was a cream colored she-kit with white dappled paws, ears and tail tip. With piercing amber eyes, Skypaw couldn't believe how brightly they shone when they were in the sunshine. Featherfur had picked out the name Amberkit for her first born daughter.

The next she-kit that was born inherited her father's cream colored fur with two of her siblings, only her left hind paw and her tail tip were black. She had brilliant bright green eyes that reminded Skypaw of Sandstar's. Bumblefoot had picked out the name of Brightkit.

Last but not least, the smallest kit that had almost died along with her mother had Featherfur's silver pelt. However, instead of tabby stripes, she had black spots, even on her ears. With dark blue eyes almost like Rainpaw's, the two mates had decided on the name Spottedkit.

Brackenkit, Amberkit, Brightkit, and Spottedkit, Skypaw thought to herself. She wouldn't have been able to pick out more perfect names for the Clan's newest born kits. As Skypaw thought about it, ThunderClan hadn't had any kits born in ten moons.

Skypaw hadn't talked to Hawkspirit since the last Gathering, and it was almost time for her to attend another one. Excitement wouldn't stop prickling her paws, and the Clan rejoiced even more when Flowermoon joined Featherfur in the nursery.

Skypaw had never seen Flowermoon chat with any toms, and it irritated her how queens had the right to reserve who the father of their kits were. I suppose we'll see who the kits look like, Skypaw thought to herself.

Featherfur's kits were strong and healthy, including their mother as well. They were a moon old already, and Russetsky was gathering patrols for the Gathering that would take place that night.

"Hah! I win! I climbed to the top of Skypaw's head first!" Brightkit hollered as she tried to keep her balance on Skypaw's head. Skypaw purred with amusement. These kits would surely have wonderful lives, Skypaw never had any fun like this in her nursery days.

"Oh, yeah?" Brackenkit challenged. Skypaw watched him put all of his strength in his hind legs before he leaped with all of his might. It took all she had not to flinch, because it looked like he was aiming for her face. She knew that he was only after where Brightkit was, and it was confirmed when she heard Brightkit's squeal as her brother leaped up next to her.

"Now I win!" Brackenkit meowed victoriously.

"It doesn't matter who wins," Amberkit declared as she sat neatly on the ground, washing her paw. Spottedkit looked at her sister for a moment.

"Yes it does," Spottedkit contradicted. "That's like saying it doesn't matter who wins in a battle!"

"It doesn't," Amberkit replied. "It just matters that all cats are okay."

"Not a bad argument, Amberkit," Willowleaf meowed as she padded up with a bundle of herbs in her mouth for Featherfur. "After all, if cats die, the battle doesn't seem won for the Clan has lost their members."

"But would you rather loose territory?" Brackenkit contradicted. Skypaw decided to chime in.

"Territory and cats are equally important," She meowed.

The kits seemed to have pointed their attention to her as Willowleaf ducked into the nursery, leaving the converstaion. "Have you ever been in a battle before, Skypaw?" Brightkit asked, still sitting on Skypaw's head as her brother fought for room to stay on.

"Yes," Skypaw meowed, her eyes shining with amusement as the kits drew in amazed gasps.

"Tell us how they went!" Spottedkit meowed.

"Which one would you like to hear, the badgers or ShadowClan?"

"Badgers? You fought badgers?" Brackenkit was on his paws now, digging his tiny claws into Skypaw's scruff, still trying to maintain his spot.

"That was my first battle," Skypaw added.

"Time to go to the Gathering!" Sunstar's deep meow rang through the clearing as he shot down the tumbled rocks. Skypaw's blood turned to ice as she realized the ThunderClan leader's claws were unsheathed for no reason.

Tearing her eyes away for the sake of the kits, she quietly meowed, "I got to go. Go see Featherfur and I'll tell you about the badgers tomorrow," She promised.

Joining the Gathering patrol with Hazelflower, ThunderClan set off.


Skypaw's eyes were instantly scanning the clearing. As she parted her jaws and breathed in the crisp leaf-fall air, she scented RiverClan, WindClan, and most importantly, ShadowClan.

When the familiar shadowy pelt caught her eye, the familiar tom turned just in time. The two sets of blue eyes met, and Skypaw felt her skin crawl when she realized she couldn't look away.


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