Chapter 10

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The sky will fall on the sun to save our Clan. Skypaw thought to herself. The leaf shone brighter for a moment after the mysterious words before vanishing completely. Sunstar shaked his head, Skypaw's vision returned. As he did so, the leaf fell onto the Highrock, him seeming unaffected.

Skypaw was sure that she had missed some sort of the meeting. Her leader's gaze landed on her for a few moments, his green gazes all shades of curiosity. He dismissed the Clan and leaped off the Highrock soon afterwards.

Skypaw looked around the Clan, trying to see if her Clanmates had recieved the same words as she had, or if they were looking at her weirdly. ThunderClan rose to their paws. Russetsky and Bramblefrost ducked back into the medicine den, and that's when Skypaw's eyes focused on a tortiseshell pelt.

Skypaw hadn't noticed that Willowleaf had emerged from her den. Her amber eyes stared at Skypaw, her tail lashing back and forth. She only switched her gaze when a shadowy young apprentice approached her.

"Hi, Willowleaf," Shadepaw's eyes were nervous. "Can I maybe see Rainpaw?" Willowleaf didn't say anything for a few seconds.

"Not now," The young medicine cat concluded. "She needs her rest." Shadepaw looked angry.

"But Russetsky and Bramblefrost are in there!" She contradicted.

"Russetsky is Clan deputy and her and Bramblefrost's kit is healing," Willowleaf replied sharply. "Do you expect me to say no to Russetsky?"

Shadepaw looked guilty. "Sorry," Skypaw barely made out the pathetic mutter from her sister.

Willowleaf dismissed Shadepaw with a flick of her tail. Shadepaw didn't say another word before stalking away, her green eyes like green fire.

Skypaw surprised herself when her sister's green gaze reminded her of Sunstar's. She shook her head to clear it.

Her mind focused back on the leaf. She remembered how brightly it glowed, blocking her eyesight from anything else in the Clan. How Sunstar had seemed to be unaffected by the leaf, but took notice in Skypaw staring. Had her eyes had a message or emotion in them that she was unaware about?

Surely Skypaw could not keep this sign to herself. It could be from StarClan! But the real question was, who could she trust enough to go talk to about this serious situation that she didn't even know what it meant?

Her mind flashed to Russetsky, the ThunderClan deputy and her mother. She would be a good source to go to, experienced and full of wisdom.

But she also had ties to Sunstar, a cat Skypaw had a sudden urge not to trust. She wondered if she would ever go to Sandstar, the cat who acted as her grandmother if she were still ThunderClan leader. She thought about the relationship Russetsky and even Bramblefrost had with her. Her mind flashed back to the time she was a kit and overheard her parents and Sandstar talking the night before the fallen leader's death.

"I just want to thank you," Skykit heard her mother's harsh voice. It was cracking with grief.

"For what?" Sandstar's raspy voice questioned.

"Being there for me," Russetsky meowed as if it was obvious. "when ThunderClan didn't accept me, you did. I will never forget that and you deserve so much better."

Sandstar purred. "You don't have to thank me. I'll always love you as if you were my own, Russetsky, don't ever forget that. You are apart of ThunderClan, and your ShadowClan birth will never change that. Your kits are beautiful, smart cats, they will serve this Clan well and I know no one will shoot them down for it." Sandstar said the words with certainty, and although they made Skykit's heart warm, she felt strange about them.

Why would her own Clan shoot her down? Why was Sandstar even talking about the possibility?

"Russetsky, Bramblefrost," Willowleaf interrupted. Her voice sounded loud and strong compared to the grieving cats.

Skykit had forgotten her father was in the den. He had been silent.

"Long ago, Willowleaf and I were informed of a prophecy," Sandstar meowed, her voice even weaker.

"What was it?" Russetsky's voice souned surprised and curious.

"The sky will fall on the sun to save our Clan."

That's it! Skypaw thought to herself. That's what I heard! That's the prophecy!

That means that Russetsky, Bramblefrost, and even Willowleaf knew of the prophecy that Skypaw was told. But yet another layer of confusion covered Skypaw's mind.

When Sandstar and Willowleaf informed the two mates about the prophecy, they were leader and medicine cat. Skypaw knew it was normal for such cats to recieve StarClan's messages, for they were very important members of the Clan. Russetsky was the future deputy of ThunderClan, which StarClan had known. Bramblefrost was her mate and was there, so he also had a valid reason to have knowledge of it.

But what about Skypaw? She was just another normal ThunderClan apprentice! Why did she deserve to know of StarClan's message, let alone be told through a leaf from a stupid old weeping willow tree?

Skypaw sighed. Willowleaf certainly knew about the prophecy, it was proven. Skypaw glanced at the tree that the leaf had fallen from. It was a Weeping Willow, it standing high into the sky. It's branches swayed in the wind, however, no more leaves cared to drop while Skypaw was paying attention to them.

Who can I talk to? Russetsky and Bramblefrost will tell Sunstar for sure!

Just then, it was like pieces of a puzzle connected in Skypaw's mind. The leaf had fallen from a weeping willow tree.


When Skypaw leaped to her paws and began to walk to the medicine den, she glanced up. The ThunderClan medicine cat's amber eyes were still set on her, her tail wrapped neatly around her paws. Her gaze was expectant of the young ThunderClan apprentice. Willowleaf had been waiting for her.

"About time," Willowleaf meowed when Skypaw got close enough. Skypaw's ears flattened.

"For what?" She meowed, defensively.

"You were staring at the tree forever, I thought you would never figure it out," Willowleaf explained briefly. "Now, let's go out in the forest, what we are about to discuss is for no cat's ears to hear."

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