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you saved me | falling skies [under editing]   by -faulkner
you saved me | falling skies [unde...by - ̗̀ ѕαммιι ̖́-
[UNDER EDITING] "she became a warrior after being, a victim of her own abuse," △ [b...
  • skitters
  • benmason
  • fallingskies
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Survivors | b.m. by PineCoveWoods
Survivors | b.m.by Kya
(highest ranking: #1 in falling skies, #1 in ben mason (on going)) Alyssa Marks has been best friends with Benjamin Mason since kindergarten. They were inseparable as...
  • fallingskies
  • falling
  • benmason
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ASHES » Falling Skies by starcrossed-
ASHES » Falling Skiesby <3
❝Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.❞ *** Takes place during seasons 2 and 3. I do not own Falling Skies, any of their characters, plotlines, or dialogue. I only own Auro...
  • falling
  • mason
  • ben
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We Are Broken ➳ Falling Skies by EmRose__
We Are Broken ➳ Falling Skiesby Emma Rose
"I'm not the same as yesterday Ooh...It's hard to explain How things have changed But I'm not the same as before And I know there's so much more ahead I can barely...
  • romance
  • post-apocalypse
  • drama
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If the Sky Falls ➳ Hal Mason by just--me--
If the Sky Falls ➳ Hal Masonby Moca
[Falling Skies Fanfic ➳ Hal Mason] At first, we all thought they were coming in peace, but that wasn't the case. They took the children and killed the rest of us...
  • aliens
  • scific
  • fancic
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2nd Mass - Imagines by claraclogz
2nd Mass - Imaginesby claraclogz
A collection of Imagines with the Falling Skies characters. I've not seen many of these so I thought I'd give it a shot
  • tommason
  • benmason
  • halmason
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Ben Mason imagines? by HeathaDragonmaster
Ben Mason imagines?by Heatha
Because there is almost no stories for Ben and he's a sweetie and quite cute..... He's probably really outta character and occ...sorrys... ANYWAY, ONWARD TO THE...
  • fallingskies
  • imagines
  • xreader
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Walls/Hal Mason by stfushawn
Walls/Hal Masonby stfushawn
they always said history repeats itself Seasons 4-5 of Falling Skies Hal Mason
  • mason
  • aliens
  • hal
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Falling skies camila/you by cabellotwins
Falling skies camila/youby Cabello
Earth has been taken over by unknown creatures. You and your friends are out fighting them when you run into the beautiful Camila Cabello and the rest of fifth harmony y...
  • fifthharmony
  • skies
  • fallingskies
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Radioactive by lostintheoblivion
Radioactiveby lostintheoblivion
Earth lies in the aftermath of an alien attack that leaves most of the world completly incapacitated. In the 9 months since the initial invasion, the survivors band toge...
  • syfy
  • tnt
  • aliens
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Stay // E.R by forheadedrose
Stay // E.Rby Sophie
"I was supposed to not let you be sad. I was supposed to make you forget. To make you happy." fell in love with Dr. John Carter on the show E.R, so I decided t...
  • dougross
  • fanfic
  • elizabethcorday
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Falling ⇲ Ben Mason  by nephthysly
Falling ⇲ Ben Mason by ◜ ᶻᵒᶦⁿᵏˢ ◞
❝I've spent so long running, that I forgot what it feels like to be falling.❞ Six months after aliens destroyed planet Earth, Melanie and her best friend, Sophie, have m...
  • overlords
  • matt
  • skitter
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Falling Skies Preferences by _writersunite_
Falling Skies Preferencesby Kat
Title says all
  • love
  • fallingskies
  • hal
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Falling skies imagines/references by FANDXOMS
Falling skies imagines/referencesby CHEETOH
Falling skies imagines
  • skies
  • tom
  • mason
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My OCs by MrsMattDuchene
My OCsby Katy Oliver
This is a selection of my OCs. It's just something random :)
  • xmen
  • starwars
  • other
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Various Character One-Shots by PinkiTadinki
Various Character One-Shotsby ShiroChan
My one shots from my Tumblr (MortallyScrumptiousMilkshake) posted into a book on Wattpad. It contains various characters from Teen Wolf, Thief Lord, Twilight, Once Upon...
  • fallingskies
  • lucifer
  • doctorwho
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Book reviews [CLOSED] [DISCONTINUED] by walkingdead_cookie
Book reviews [CLOSED] [DISCONTINUE...by Cookiecook45
I will review fanfictions from different fandoms to try and help you. Although I am picky on who I will read about! Read on for the rules, ect. Also, don't send me hate...
  • fallingskies
  • walkingdead
  • harrypotter
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Choices | Falling Skies by alittlebitbonkers
Choices | Falling Skiesby Nita Pan
[Seasons 1-5.] Everyone has secrets, and everyone has done bad things. But not everyone has a chance at starting over and fixing mistakes. Aliens have invaded the plane...
  • aliens
  • albino
  • bravery
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Imagine ~ One Shots by xXCrazy_ChickXx
Imagine ~ One Shotsby xXCrazy_ChickXx
I decided to do a book of one shots. You can send request for the following: • Arrow • Falling Skies(currently watching season 4) • Gotham •iZombie (currently watching...
  • gotham
  • ohmwrecker
  • fanfiction
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