Chapter 20

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The two she-cats trekked through the marsh of ShadowClan as night fell. Skypaw shivered. She hadn't ever been far away from home, or had to sleep anywhere else but her nest.

Willowleaf had told her to go back to ThunderClan, that her Clan needed her but Skypaw declined. She would return when she was ready. There was too much on her mind to go back to her Clan and to deal with the buzzing questions on where she had been.

And quite frankly, she didn't have an answer.

Telling her Clanmates that she had talked to Willowleaf and recieved a sign from StarClan would just get her exiled. Especially when Sunstar now knew he had the power do what he would like as leader. Admitting she had been with the exiled medicine cat would not be good for her.

Willowleaf said she needed to keep their meeting a secret. No cat but her parents and StarClan, not even Mousetail, knew about the prophecy. Now was not the time to alert her Clanmates by saying so.

The former medicine cat also treated Skypaw's healing wounds as they sheltered together. Skypaw was thankful. She knew there were cats back in camp that had to deal with their own injuries due to her leader's fatal mistake.

She felt a pang of miss strike her heart as she thought about her Clanmates. She missed her parents, and Rainpaw, Featherfur and even Bumblefoot. Skypaw would leap a jump of joy if she could even see the dusk like pelt of Duskwave.

However, there were two cats Skypaw wanted to rid of her memory. Sunstar, of course, for her secret knowledge of his past and who he had become because of her careless ancestors. Another face she wished she didn't know was Shadepaw.

Skypaw enjoyed the battle with ShadowClan, being able to fight alongside with her, what seemed like, long lost sister. But she would never forget the hostility level the shadowy apprentice had towards her own medicine cat, who had healed all of her Clanmates time after time. All because of Sunstar.

Skypaw ignored the guilt that was building up inside of her when she felt light with triumph that Shadepaw would have to go with untreated wounds due to her far from wise decision.

Skypaw still couldn't get over the fact that Sunstar had just made Willowleaf's exile on the spot. He hadn't thought of the consequences that he and his Clan were bound to face in the future. Not to mention it was a show of weakness that their only healer was gone.

Lucky for him Willowleaf was smart enough to stay on the outskirts of Clan territory.

Skypaw and Willowleaf had built two nests under the shade of trees. They had successfully made it out of ShadowClan territory without being caught by a patrol. Skypaw had figured Nightflare and Hawkspirit had confined the cats to camp for the night, recovering from their defeat.

Now Skypaw was curled up in a nest next to Willowleaf's. Both of the she-cats felt uncomfortable. They were in no cat's territory, so who knew what could find them beyond the protection of their own borders?

They also lacked something that was a huge difference from living back in camp. They were alone.

No guards, no protective warriors, just a healer and a fighter in training.

Skypaw lifted her head up. Willowleaf opened her eyes and looked at her curiously.

"I'm going to keep watch," Skypaw informed her. "Just in case, you know?"

"Okay," Willowleaf agreed, closing her eyes once more. "Wake me up when it's my turn." Skypaw was about to object, that she could watch all night and that she couldn't sleep anyways, but she'd figure she'd need strength for the following day to come. Whether it be facing her Clan, or living as a loner.

The thought sent a shiver down Skypaw's spine.

She sat down next to her temporary nest and gazed out into the forest that lay ahead. She wondered if this is where the bagders had come from, or if ShadowClan cats ever stepped beyond their safe zone and wandered the, what seemed like, infinite collection of trees.

Her eyes slowly brought her up to the sky. In the darkening colors that loomed above her, she saw the stars. Her warrior ancestors.

They all seemed to glow a little bit brighter when they noticed Skypaw was looking at them. One twinkled, catching her eye. She didn't have to guess who it was, she could picture the sandy she-cat already.


Skypaw waved her tail and held it up high as if greeting her. Skypaw thought her foster grandmother would make her vision go away with a bunch of beautiful glowing, but that was not the case. Skypaw nodded as if she understood, and went back to guarding the forest as her companion slept.

Companion? No.

Willowleaf was her friend now.

Bugs flew around her face. She shook her head in annoyance. Looking down at the grass, she was surprised when she noticed it was already damp with dew. Her paws slowly grew cold as she rubbed her paws against the slippery, cold substance.

Skypaw couldn't shake the fact that she knew her warrior ancestors were watching her every move. They always were, but she had to admit, she wished she didn't know about it. It made her feel pressured, as if every muscle movement had to be right or else she would mess the whole prophecy up for everyone.

The prophecy! She thought to herself. Her mind carried her away into thought.

"The sky wil fall on the sun to save our Clan." She recited the famous words that were more important than her own tail. She recited it a little slower.

"The sky will fall on the sun to save our Clan." If she was told that she was the sky, and if Sunstar was supposedly the sun, what could it mean? She would fall on Sunstar?

How would thay solve anything but her getting scolded at by her mother and father by being clumsy? And getting hated upon by her leader? It doesn't make sense!

Skypaw dug her claws into the damp soil in frustration. The bugs finally flew away from her face and she sighed with relief. It wasn't until she saw where the bugs were flying to did the fur on her spine raise.

A light was moving around in the distance, and it was storming towards her and Willowleaf.

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