Chapter 18 - •Friday Night•

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Chloe's POV

"That wasn't suppose to happen." Grey panicked as soon as he pushed me away

"I know." I whispered. Who am I even kidding?!

Tears started to gather in my eyes and I immediately looked down to avoid his gaze. I knew this would happen.

"That was a mistake." He breathed, standing up to get away from me. "You were a mistake."

I stayed silent.

"I have a girlfriend. I don't like you. Heck, you're just a friend!" He continues, not knowing the fact that every word seemed like a thorn being pricked straight to the heart. "The kiss was— it didn't happen. I'm not even supposed to talk to you right now. I'm not supposed to be with you!"

"Stop." I mumbled, a tear escaping like a fucking traitor

"I shouldn't have helped you! I knew I shouldn't have stepped in to save you! That was—"

My head snapped up when I heard a punch being thrown, and saw Grey stumbling backwards with a hand on his lip.

"What the fuck?!" He exclaimed, the corner of his mouth, bright red


"That was too much, Williams." Tyler warned in a dangerously low voice as he stood protectively in front of me. "I just heard what happened. You didn't have to tell her you regretted protecting her."

I hated myself when a sob escaped from my lips. Tears were now flowing uncontrollably on my cheeks and as soon as Grey locked eyes with me, his features softened.

"Chloe... I—"

"Oh fuck off Williams." Tyler held my wrist in comfort. "She's your best friend for pete's sake!"

"You don't have the right to lecture me around, Matthews." Grey glared back

"Or is she even?" Tyler ignored him. "As far as I know, no one treats their best friend that way. No. One."

Before Grey could retort anything back, Tyler had already dragged my sorry ass out of there and onto an empty part of the hallways. Gosh this school sure is big. When he stopped walking, I was surprised when he suddenly turned around to face me. Without saying anything, he wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged me tight. I let all my cries out, burying my face on his neck and wrapping my arms loosely around his waist. And there we stood, wordless, yet it was like emotions were scattered all around the place.

For at this moment, I internally thank the heavens that I have Tyler with me.

"Chloe... I heard." Lily approached me sometime later together with Trixie, as Tyler and I were eating some cotton candy. His way of comforting me, I guess. It works anyways.

"Let's not, please." I gave them a sad smile and they nodded in understanding before sitting down with us.

"I got you your favorite lemonade." Trixie offered and I gladly accepted

"Thanks. I was looking for this." I smiled and took a sip, letting the coolness and sourness of the drink run down my throat, hoping it would wash away the dryness and emptiness that I feel.

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