Chapter 12 - •Let's Party•

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It was Friday night and for the whole week, Grey and I weren't going to each other's houses. So today, I was currently doing what I do every night if I'm free.

I'm lying on my bed, stomach down and reading the Percy Jackson series. I quite found it interesting plus the fact that we're currently learning Greek Mythology in one of our classes. There was also a bowl of crisps beside me to keep me entertained.

I was quite preoccupied with what I'm reading that I didn't get to notice that somebody was knocking at my bedroom door. It was only until my mum's voice startled me when she screamed behind it telling me to open it.

"Coming!" I called out, quickly closing my book but not before placing my bookmark in

I walked to my door and before I could even touch the handle, the door came flying open and hit me straight on my forehead.

"Ow!" I cried out, rubbing the red spot that marked

"Alright go get ready." Lily and Trixie strutted in dressed in black party dresses with their hair curled up and fixed. They have put on some make up too and Lily's glasses were replaced with bright green contact lenses which made her pupils look bigger

"Why? And why are you dressed like that?" I asked, flopping down on my bed

"We," Trixie pointed to the three of us, "are going to a party."

"What?" I laughed, clearly not believing what she just said "How do you even know that there's a party? And how are you even sure that we're invited?"

"Twitter of course." Lily stated as if what she was saying was obvious. "Poppy tweeted that she's throwing a party at her house and that everyone's invited. Everybody would be too drunk to notice whoever will arrive so there's no need for us to worry about that. All we have to do is dress up the right way, and we can have some fun of our own."

"So that's why you guys are all dressed up and ready to go?" They nodded. "So why are you still here?"

They remained silent.

"You actually think that I'm going to come with you?" I asked amused

"Well we have thought about that. That's why we're not gonna ask to to come with us. We're gonna force you to come with us." They smirked and my smile dropped.

"No." I shook my head frantically. "No no no no no no no no no."

"Yes!" They yelled in unison



Twenty minutes later, I'm sitting in front of a mirror, wearing a black sleeveless dress that looks like a tube but is covered with a tulle on top. Lily was doing my make up and Trixie was curling my hair whilst I stare at myself in the mirror with a murderous expression.

"Aw cheer up Chlo." Lily smirked as she looked at me in the mirror. "You'll thank us once you start enjoying the party."

"Yeah." Trixie agreed, tugging my hair softly. "And stop squirming unless you want you hair to burn."

That made me stop squirming.

"That's the point. There's no possibility that I would be enjoying that stupid party." I complained

Boy was I wrong.

When we arrived at Poppy's house, the music was blasting on full volume. The front yard lawn has red cups scattered everywhere and their front tree was covered in tissue paper. This place is literally what you see in movies when it comes to wild parties.

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