Chapter 7 - •Date•

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Today is currently Friday and I'm having Math as the last period. For two hours.

I'm dying.

Also, in the middle of the class, Grey texted me saying that I wouldn't bother going to his house later cause he has a catch up date with Jennifer. I think it was because of the date he cancelled the last time.

When the bell rang I swear I heard everybody let out a cry of relief before storming out of the room.

After packing my stuff, I stopped by my locker to collect the things that I would and wouldn't need. I was surprised to see Tyler leaning on mine, probably waiting for me

"Hey Ty." I greeted and he stepped aside to let me open my locker

"Hey, did you know that the library is the tallest you building you could ever enter?" He asked randomly

I looked at him confused. "And why is that?"

"Because it has the most stories." He grinned and I rolled my eyes at him

"No. Just-- don't." I laughed and he did too

This past week was mostly made up of hanging out time with Tyler in the library. That's what made us got closer I guess. I learned how to be more comfortable with each other and somehow he learned how to cope up with me. It's a good thing too. And yeah we're still hanging out with Lily and Trixie.

"Anyway, I came here to ask if you'll be doing anything tonight."

"Yeah I--" I suddenly said out of instinct but then I remembered Grey's text. "Actually... No. I don't have anything to do tonight. Why?"

His face lit up. "I don't know umm. Would you like to go somewhere with me?" He asked with a nervous smile on his face and I tried to surprises a smile. He was actually really cute

"Like a date?" I teased

"Yeah if you'd be okay with that." He mumbled and I almost cooed

Well if Grey could have his share of fun, I guess I would like to have my own too.

"That sounds great Ty. I'd love to." I smiled genuinely and I swear I saw him breathe in relief

"Great! Text me your address later and I'll come pick you up at about 6:30. Dress casual." He instructed before waving and headed out of the school

I smiled, lost in my own little thought when suddenly, a sound of a voice practically ruined my happy, giggly mood.

"Well looky here. If it isn't Nerdy. What up nerd? Got lost in you own fantasy world." Charles sneered coming from the corner along with his little minions

I swallowed. "Go away Charles."

The hallway was empty now since it has been minutes since the dismissal bell rang. You know how eager kids are to go home. Nobody bothers to stay and wait for the curfew bell. Well, except Charles here

"Now why would I do that?" He sneered "The new kid embarrassed me in front of the students the other day because of you. You know how that makes me feel?"

I shook my head, my heart beating faster in a way.

He closed my locker with a bang which made me jump up in surprise. "You better watch out Nerd. I don't hit girls but I'll make sure that I'll make your life miserable." He said before taking my notes in class and ripping them to four parts

"N-no please." I begged, trying to pick up the pieces on the floor, my eyes brimming with tears because of fear

He took my book from me and threw it across the hall to another locker which probably would give it a big dent. The book, I mean.

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