Chapter 13 - • Drunken Confessions•

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Before I start, an idea popped in my head about something that I should put in this story.

But I'm still internally debating if I should pursue this idea or I should just forget about it.

It's gonna be a huge plot twist though.

What do you guys think? HIHIHI



"I have low alcohol intolerance." Chloe slurred out before slumping down on my shoulders

"Chloe!" I whispered, trying to wake her up. "Hey!"

"Shhh! You're too noisy." She mumbled and snuggled closer to my neck making my face heat up

I looked around, trying to see if anyone noticed our current situation but it seems like everybody was too drunk to care or even notice. When my line of sight met Charles though, he raised his eyebrow at me. I mouthed the word 'drunk' and he gave a small nod but still looking doubtful.

I shook Chloe again trying to wake her up but all she does is mumble for me to go away.

"What am I gonna do with you?" I mumbled, shaking my head and I shifted her for us to stand so I could transfer her someplace else

"Hey Grey!" Her friend, Lily, called out from across the room. At this moment, everybody was now scattered to enjoy the party on their own

"Yeah?" I asked, placing Chloe's arm around my shoulders and standing up

"Take care of her." She said in a concerned voice and I nodded.

"Alright, let's go Chlo." I started walking going upstairs to where the bedrooms are located

No. It's not like that. Away with your dirty minds.

"Where are we going?" She mumbled, rubbing her eyes and pouting

I smirked. She looked cute.

Wait what? No, stop Grey.

"To the bedrooms. We gotta get you rested for a while before you g-" I got cut off when she pushed away from me

"What?!" She exclaimed trying to get away but failed for she was too weak and my grip was tight on her. "No Grey! I might like you but I'm not ready for whatever you're thinking. No no no no."

"I'm not going to do anything to y-"


Did she just say that she likes me?

"What?" I asked softly, looking at her but all she does is look at the ground and shake her head muttering 'no' continuously

I shook my head and continued to carry her up. Going up the stairs was a challenge but I managed to do it with Chloe dangling on my shoulders.

When we arrived at the second floor, I grabbed the doorknob of the the first room that I encountered and barged inside.



"Dude what the hell?!"

I cringed. "Sorry!!!"

I immediately closed the door and shook my head trying to erase the image that I have just seen. Yeah sure it was normal but damn, having two guys on top and under the girl was quite too weird to look at.

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