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Did you ever experience the time when the popular guy or the so called "bad boy" in school is really close to you? Or better yet, you two are best friends since birth. Don't take it literally.

I know what you're thinking.

That is the coolest thing ever! There's somebody who'll protect you. You'll get known in school and adored by everyone. Bullies will be afraid to come near you since you're friends with a dangerous guy to mess with. You'll be cool like everybody else.

But sad to say you're wrong.

"Ow! Hey give me those back!" I complained as my bum hit the ground with a thud and my books, including my story book that I was reading, were taken away from me

"You want it? Come and get it nerdy" the jocks laughed on what their leader just said and dropped my favorite story book in the trash bin. They just threw my school books on the ground and walked away

I glanced at my surroundings and looked down again as I saw many people were already staring. Some were forcing themselves not to laugh and some were giving me pitiful looks. As usual.

This is what I hate the most

I gathered up my books, adjusted my glasses on my nose and picked up the one in the trashbin. It's a good thing that the bin was just filled with crumpled paper and nothing else.

"Hey my glasses! Give those back" I heard my friend, Lily, shriek and tried to free herself from the jocks' grip

"Let go of me you bastard!" Trixie struggled too so I came forward to help them

"Hey!" they turned to me "You can pick on me anytime you want but leave my friends alone in this! Let them go"

"Oh. I see we got a brave one over here Charles. What to do?" a blonde haired jock told their leader, who I'm guessing is Charles

"I don't know" this Charles dude rubbed his chin "But alright. Let them go lads" the followed his orders and Lily and Trixie ran straight behind me. The blonde guy threw Lily's glasses at her which she quickly struggled to catch

"Why, do you wanna build up that courage of yours nerdy and try to fight us? Well we'd be happy to" Blonde guy smirked and I quickly swallowed. I surely wasn't expecting this


We all turned our heads to see Grey standing by the lockers and leaning to one of them

"That's enough, you're just wasting your time"

"Hey Grey, dude! Nah we're having fun. Wanna join us?" Charles asked with a cheeky grin. Bastard.

"No. And let's go. It's gonna be time in fifteen minutes. I have to go now and you're coming with me" Grey gestured the hallway with a tilt with his head and Charles nodded in defeat

"Okay fine. Come on lads" he raised his hands in surrender and they walked past me. But when Grey was beside me already, he stopped for a while

"Uhh... T-thanks" I muttured and he grabbed a hold of my wrist and tugged me closer to his side

*dug dug* *dug dug* Shit.

"Take care of yourself alright?" he whispered near my ear. I can feel his hot breath on my ear part "I'm not always around so I can't look after you all the time." he rubbed his thumb on my wrist in a comforting manner and I slowly nodded, feeling my heart increase its pace about a 100x more

"Okay, I will. I'm sorry" I mumbled and felt him squeeze my wrist soflty before walking away

"What did Grey tell you?" Lily asked as they both faced me

"He just warned me not to mess with those guys if I don't want my head to be cut off in an early age. That's all" I explained and they nodded their heads in understanding

You got that right people. I'm the nerd in school. Nobody knows that I'm friends with Grey. Not even my closest friends. I get bullied. And I always have to lie when questions about Grey and I come up.

Oh, and I have a secret crush on my best friend for 8 years.

Yup. Life sure is fucked up.

YES PEOPLE! I cuss too. In my mind, that is.

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