Chapter 8 - •A Useful Gift•

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"You ready?..... Start."

Jennifer stared at the gun with a confused look and tilted it for it to be facing upwards.

Then she pulled the trigger.

"Shit." She exclaimed as she jumped when she pulled the trigger. Cracking it up once again, she finally decided to aim it on the targets

"Oh my god did you see that? Grey I hit a duckling OMG." She squealed and Grey gave her an encouraging smile

After she finished all the bullets, the guide counted her shots which led up to 5 points. She hit two ducklings and one military standee.

"Alright, it's your turn miss." The guide smiled at me and gave me my gun. After checking that there was indeed ten bullets, I cracked up my gun and aimed at the ducklings.

*fire* Duckling

*fire* Military

*fire* Military

*fire* Military

*fire* Duckling

*fire* Matchstick

*fire* Miss

*fire* Military

It kept going on and on and after I did mine, I faced Tyler who had his jaw dropped watching me whilst the guide was counting my points

"A total of 26 points." He grinned "Congratulations miss. Here you go."

As he handed me the bear which I gratefully accepted, Jennifer let out a whine.

"That's unfair! She knew she was going to win in the first place." She pouted and Grey placed an arm around her as comfort

"Hey you agreed to the deal." I laughed while hugging the bear to my chest. "Let's go Ty."

I grabbed Tyler and dragged him away from the other couple sparing us from the constant whining of Jennifer. We both decided to try out a few rides and after, he wanted to go to the loo.

I didn't do I ended up waiting for him outside, to see Grey standing outside too probably waiting for Jennifer.

"Chlo can we talk?" He said in a low voice

I hugged the bear closer to me and raised my eyebrow "We're talking now aren't we?"

He rolled his eyes and dragged me to the back of the bathrooms. "What are you doing here?"

"Uhh I'm here because I'm on a date?" I replied, confused on why he is acting this way

"With Tyler? Really?" He ran a hand through his hair in frustration. "And it's supposed to be our night. Why are you out here?"

I scoffed at him. "Seriously?! You were the one who cancelled out first! When Tyler asked me to come with him tonight, I already knew that you had other plans so I wanted to go with him. What? I can't come here without your permission? I couldn't have my own fun while you're here having your own share of excitement? I bet you wouldn't even care what I was doing if we hadn't bumped to each other on this night."

His gaze softened. "You know that's not what I meant."

"It never was." With those last words, I stomped away from him just as Tyler got out of the loo

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