Chapter 3 - •Dinner•

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It was already five in the afternoon and Grey still hasn't arrived in my house. It's Friday today so he's coming to mine this time.

"What are you doing?" Mum peeked out of the kitchen to glance at me in the living room, sprawled out on the couch

"Waiting for Grey. Why?" I asked looking up at her

"Oh wait he didn't tell you?" she asked curiously

I sat up straight "Tell me what?"

"We're having dinner tonight with the Williams in that fancy restaurant somewhere. Your dad's the one who knows where it is so whatever." She waved her hands in exaggeration "That's why Grey didn't come here today. We're gonna leave in about fifteen minutes so you better get ready now."

With a sigh, I stood up and dragged myself to my room. After putting on a cute floral Sunday dress with some cute sandals, I sat down in front of my mirror. I decided to put my hair down and apply some really really light make up that you almost can't see it. I put my glasses on and went downstairs to see mum and dad ready to go.

The ride to the restaurant was consisted of constant bickering and flirting of mum and dad which led to a grumpy me in the backseat.

When we arrived, Grey and his family were just getting out of their car in front of ours in the parking lot. As dad parked, mum immediately went out to hug Meghan. Dad followed and bro hugged John.

I checked my hair in the mirror first before going out. When I slammed the door shut, I heard the lock click and looked up to see Grey approaching me.

"Hey." He greeted

I smiled up at him "Hello."

"You look beautiful." He whispered before placing his arm on my waist and kissing my cheek. It's a good thing it was dark already and he wouldn't see my face which I'm sure is red as a tomato

"Thank you. You don't look too bad yourself." I returned after giving him a once over

He was wearing a blue plaid shirt and some dark jeans. His hair was the messy type in which I said was my favorite type on him. He looked simple but I could definitely tell you that he looks hot and attractive today.

We made our way to our parents, his arm still kept on my waist and after greeting one another, we made our way inside the restaurant.

Everything that happened a while ago in the library, completely unspoken of and forgotten.


"So Grey," my dad started and wiped off his mouth with the table napkin "How's school these days? Any entertaining news?"

Grey stiffened on his seat beside me but relaxed right away and smiled at my dad "Uh yeah not really. It's been busy as usual but when it comes to the social part, everything's going fine."

"Is Chloe here making friends? It's already your senior year and she still doesn't go out much." My mum said with a frown

"Mum I thought I told you that we wouldn't talk about that anymore." I gave her a look and she rolled her eyes

"Nonsense. I just want to know your social life in school darling." She countered

"Um she's actually doing good." Grey answered my mum

"Does she have new friends instead of Lily and Trixie?" My mum asked and I rolled my eyes, sipping on my drink

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