Chapter 15 - •Oh No•

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"Why do you look like you've won the sweepstakes?" Lily asked me as she sat down beside me in the library

"Yeah. Why do have a huge grin on your face?" Trixie added

"Did something happen?" Tyler asked as well

I smiled up at them like a lunatic and shook my head. "Not really."

"Then why are you being so creepy?" Lily scoffed with a disturbed look on her face

"Just..." I laughed. "I remembered the events that happened yesterday."

Tyler rolled his eyes, slamming his history book on the table. "So something did happen."

"Well not that big. It's just that he took me to a place where we both would visit often when we were younger. I didn't expect him to still remember it." I said with a sly grin on my face

"Hey I get it." Lily said, raising her hands up. "Us, girls, appreciate small stuff like that such as remembering the past times we've spent together."

"That's a tip right there for you, pretty boy." Trixie jokingly wiggled a finger in front of Tyler who just swatted it away

"Anyways," Tyler spoke up. "Looks like your little crush on Grey is getting deeper and deeper there Chlo."

"Shut it Ty!" I hissed and at that same moment, someone emerged from behind a shelf of books looking pissed

"Little crush on Grey?" Charles laughed as he stared at us looking like we've just seen ghosts

"Charles." I breathed out, looking behind him and feeling relieved that his little minions weren't with him

"What's the matter nerd?" He sneered. I noticed that he used the word 'nerd' this time and not 'nerdy'. It's actually more offensive. "Cat got your tongue?"

"What are you-" I stuttered out, leaning on the table to support my shaking legs

He suddenly advanced towards me and grabbed ahold of my shirt, bringing me closer to him, his eyes sharp shooting mine. "Stay away from him nerd. And I mean, stay away." He warned and pushed my back forcefully

My lower back hit the corner of the table with a thud and I yelped in pain, clutching my hand on my back as I watched him walk away from our table.

"What was that about?" I heard Lily ask across me

"I know right?" Trixie replied. "It was weird."


"No worries. You just hit a muscle in a sudden way. No serious injuries, but I have to warn to you to be careful cause the hit is gonna cause pain on your lower back especially if you stretch it out."

I smiled at the nurse as she packed up her equipments. "Thanks Miss Tay."

"No problem Chloe. You may return to your class now." She winked and I whined in protest

"Can I stay here 'til advanced calculus ends?" I gave out a pouty face. "I'll probably sleep all the way through especially since you made me drink a pain reliever that makes me drowsy."

Miss Tay rolled her eyes at my excuse but chuckled anyways. "Go sleep in the girl's room. I'll inform your friends where you are if they look for you. I'll have to tell your advanced calculus teacher that you're here too."

I grinned and hugged her. "Thanks Miss Tay! You're the best!" I squealed and headed off to the girl's room and lied down on one of the beds

As soon as my head hit the soft pillow, I completely blacked out.

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