Chapter 2 - •The Girlfriend•

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"Did Jennifer say something to you before I caught up to you in the lockers a while ago?" Grey asked casually as we were both hanging around the sofa in the living room in his house

My dad usually pass by here before he goes home and every Tuesday and Thursday, he picks me up here in Grey's house. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the days where Grey is the one who goes to my house. There's a scheduled hang out and that's normal for us already. So at about six later, my dad will honk the horn outside and I'll go home with him.

If you ask how I go to his house, I take the bus of course. The bus doesn't go through the route of my house though so it's easier if I stay here in Grey's.

"No" I lied "Why?"

"You're twitching your eye." god damn it. I always hate it when he can see through my lies

"Alright you caught me.  She was asking me if I saw you anywhere and I said no." This time, I tried my best to not let my eye twitch to show that I'm lying

"Really? She was asking you that?"

"That's not really a surprise. She was practically  asking everyone that she can see in the hallway." I shrugged and returned my gaze to the telly which was playing Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets

"I managed to notice your little get up today" he commented and I felt my lips twitch upwards


"Yeah? Okay." I shrugged as if I didn't care but inside, I was squealing like a kid who got a dog for a birthday gift

"I think you actually look beautiful."

I felt my cheeks go warm but I scoffed just to hide it away. "Thanks."

"That's it? After a good compliment I get a scoff with a side of thanks?" he turned to me and feigned placing a hand to his chest


His mouth formed an 'o' as he gaped at me "I am not!"

"Whatever helps you sleep at night..." I smirked "wimp."

"That's it. You asked for it." He grinned at me evilly and turned to face me, wiggling his fingers as if to emphasize what he's about to do. As soon as I realized what he's about to do, I was too late

"Stop! N-no stop i-it!" I laughed and laughed and laughed while Grey was laughing at me too. I tried to push his arms away to stop him from tickling me further but it was no use. He wouldn't budge.

"Take back what you said! Tell me that I'm the greatest person you have ever met in your life." He instructed as he continued tickling me

"N-never!" I managed to get out between laughs

"Are you sure about that love?" with that, he moved his head closer to my neck and started blowing. He knows that's my weak spot and now I just started sounding like a dying seal and I'm pretty sure I look like a idiot bending my head in different directions just to avoid his tickles

And I'm just ignoring the fact that my heart is pounding crazily against my chest. I just hope that he doesn't feel it

"Alright alright! W-wait please s-stop I can't b-breath anymore!" he hesitated at first but eventually moved away and let me catch my breath

"I'm waiting you know." he smirked at me and I rolled my eyes

"Grey Williams is the most ridiculous person I have ever met." and that people, was the worst decision that I have made as he started attacking me again

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