Chapter 26: The Week of Chaos Pt. 1

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(It's the middle of the week so there's gonna be like only 4 or 5 days)

After telling Lauren that I liked her, the rest of the week was just complete craziness.


When I had came back home from being with Lauren for most of the day, I hear moaning coming from upstairs. I thought nothing of it until I heard a man's grunts.

I hurried to run upstairs and see what was happening.

I bust through the door to the sight of Shawn on top of Camila, naked.

My heart started to hurt but I knew that I had no right to get upset. I was with Lauren and I guess she found herself back to Shawn. For what reason I don't know but yet I don't think I really care either.

I honestly had no idea of what to do at this point. So I slowly back away and closed the door going straight to my room locking it and staying in there for the rest of the night.


The next day when I woke up, I got in the shower and got myself ready to go for the day. When I got out the bathroom, Camila was standing right in front of me. Luckily I had clothes on but that still didn't change the fact that she just barged into my room like that without even knocking.

How rude.

"Yes how may I assist you Ms. Cabello?" I asked with a British accent, acting as though yesterday didn't happen.

"I just wanted to see how you were. You kinda just went straight to your room last night." She was being cautious, I can tell in her voice but why does she need to be?

"Oh yeah I'm fine was just a little tuckered out from yesterday. It was a long day for me so I decided to go and head to bed." I walked around her getting my bag ready.

I decided to go to the gym that's a couple miles away from here, clear my head and then I'm going to go spend the night at Dinah's.

"Hmm well okay then I guess your busy, so I'll just go then." She walked slowly as if she didn't want to leave. And I wasn't going to stop her either.

"Yeah I'm heading out for the day, so don't wait up on me." I had all my stuff together so I put my shoes on and threw my bag on my shoulder and headed downstairs.

Once I got to the front door, I made sure to have my keys and my phone. I had my keys but not my phone. I started checking my bag for it to see if it was anywhere in the pockets and on the inside but I couldn't find it.

That's when I heard someone clear their throat.

I turned around and seen Camila with her arms crossed with a straight face.

"Looking for this." She held up my phone and kinda swayed it in her hands.

"Oh thanks you found it." I went up to her and tried to grab it, but she snatched it away as my fingers grazed it.

"Ah ah ah. Not so fast. Who is "😩🤤Daddy's Princesa😍👅"? Apparently they've been texting you since you had first got out the shower." She said looking down at my phone with a certain look. A look that showed jealousy.

"Exactly what it says. Now if you don't mind," I hurried to grab my phone from her hands and made my way back downstairs grabbing my bag and heading to my car. I threw my bag in the backseat and jumped in the front seat and started it.

I could see Camila in the window looking at me with a face of rage as I was pulling out to start my day. Now that's scary.


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