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Treebros - 99 smut challenge by LSTimetraveler
Treebros - 99 smut challengeby Light Speed Time Traveler
It's quite describing, the title. I'm going to finish this! I see so many who skips 60%+ of the chapters or never finishes them. I'm finishing this. I'm taking the whol...
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Up // Boyf riends and TreeBros ·· Soulmate AU by myshortinfinity
Up // Boyf riends and TreeBros ··...by •● susie ●•
Sequel to Down // Treebros ·· Soulmates AU Michael Mell was adopted by two amazing, eccentric Dads at age 5. At age 7 he met a boy named Jeremy Heere. By age 10 he fell...
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Down // TreeBros ·· Soulmate AU by myshortinfinity
Down // TreeBros ·· Soulmate AUby •● susie ●•
Huge thanks to @Saphirdrache / @Zitronendrache for the amazing cover. I absolutely love it. The world was always black and white. You always felt empty. They would alway...
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You Bring Out the Best In Me by inactivesry
You Bring Out the Best In Meby inactivesry
Normani, Ally, Dinah, Camila, and Lauren were each the most popular girl in their old school. They meet in detention on the first day at their new performing arts boardi...
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Take You Back (Camila/you) by OT5ismyshit
Take You Back (Camila/you)by CUBAN BOOTY
You were once in a relationship with Camila but things fell apart so you both decided to just break it off, but love has its ways for both of your hearts to find each ot...
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Keeping Distance (Dinah/You) by __GooDVibez__
Keeping Distance (Dinah/You)by Fallen Sky
You are a Harmonizer and you just can't stop talking about Fifth Harmony... Your home life isn't that great though, you are an only child, your father isn't the best, in...
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secrets ↠ demi lovato / 5h by arhtsy
secrets ↠ demi lovato / 5hby arhtsy
We never saw Season 4 of The X Factor USA, but here's what really happened. Lea, a troubled, insecure girl, auditions from a struggling, broken family, in hopes that she...
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Started with a message  by Mari_a000
Started with a message by Mari_a000
International pop star, Dinah Jane Hansen accidentally gets a text from a non-popular, shy girl, Camila Cabello. Will Dinah leave it as an accident and move on or will s...
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Tree Bros, Boyf Riends and Kleisen One Shots by Makattack1984
Tree Bros, Boyf Riends and Kleisen...by 🌹Rose🌹
I'll do Tree Bros, Boyf Riends, and Kleinsen. Just message me if you have a request! This is the second One Shot book I've done, so be sure to check out my other stories...
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Summer Camp (Conman/ Kleinphy fic) by PeachTea1
Summer Camp (Conman/ Kleinphy fic)by PeachTea1
Jared is forced to go to a summer camp, where he falls in love with his bunk mate.
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Lets Ruck by CatchThese1000Hands
Lets Ruckby Tati
A Dinah/You story.
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Not Quite the Opposites (camren) by torunafter
Not Quite the Opposites (camren)by chase
(I'VE BEEN EDITING THIS AND SO FAR, I'VE ONLY DONE THE FIRST 4 CHAPTERS) Lauren Jauregui is the epitome of independence. She could do whatever she wanted without seeking...
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Dinah Jane Hansen imagines by PrincessDJHansen
Dinah Jane Hansen imaginesby Princess Dinah
just a bunch of Dinah that will keep you up all night. i will have some smut i will take request Please give me suggestions Please I'm low key/high key desperate Cover...
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Don't Fight It (Y/N / Fifth Harmony)[SLOW UPDATES]°•° by lern_jergi_34
Don't Fight It (Y/N / Fifth Harmon...by BITCH_EXPECTATIONS
Y/N is the high school badass. every girl wants her but she doesn't show any interest in anyone. always keeps her head down. doesn't pay attention in class. her best fri...
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Soft (Kleinsen) by myCitrusCity
Soft (Kleinsen)by Muerto
We all know the story by heart at this point. °Boy loves girl. °Girl's brother dies. °Boy gets with girl. But in SOFT, we add a little more to the mix. A hint of truth...
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The Roadtrip (CCxYou) by aestheticxharmony
The Roadtrip (CCxYou)by E
first story ever You and Camila are together and Fifth Harmony has been on break for about a year. Since they've been on a break, Camila's parents thought it'd be fun t...
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Camren One Shots by TypeisLife
Camren One Shotsby TypeIsLife
Just a grouping of somewhat smuty, somewhat adorable, somewhat fun Camren one shots to go between your massive amount of Camren fanfictions. I take prompts from the comm...
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Life Through Her Eyes by caitlinneil7
Life Through Her Eyesby caitlinneil7
Lauren Jauregui is new to school, she becomes friends with Normani Kordei who brings her to the music room where she meets Ally, Dinah, and a quiet girl named Camila who...
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My Manufactured Love by slimthiccdiniam
My Manufactured Loveby diniam's whore
Dinah Jane Hansen and Liam Payne are members of the two biggest bands in the world, One Direction and Fifth Harmony. Management forces them to start a fake relationship...
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I Demand Attention [ Tree Bros Oneshots ] by TheBroadwayJay
I Demand Attention [ Tree Bros One...by TheBroadwayJay
Cover made personally by @InsanelyCoolRaeMell A collection of one-shots/short-stories with the main ship of Tree Bros (Connor x Evan) from Dear Evan Hansen!
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