Chapter 28: Living My Best Life (Or So I Thought)

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(I'm going to go ahead and skip some time)

It's the last week of June and I must say that I have had an amazing time here. Lauren and I have been dating for almost three weeks and Camila and I haven't talked that much to each other ever since the incident and the little fight we had some days ago.

She is still messing around with Shawn. I would hear her laughing and giggling in her room when I would be home. It's just so stupid how she did this to herself. Again. He hurt and manipulated her and she's just going back to him like nothing ever happened.

Well the jokes on her because if she even tries to get back with me there's no chance whether I'm single or still with Lauren. I'm not going back down that road again.

But Lauren. Man, I never would've imagined being with her. Well in a relationship. We've always been more to each other because of the things we've been through. And plus the fact we had all of our firsts together. It's just so unbelievable how it all happen I guess. I don't love her but I am most definitely falling for her. I just hope in the end she will catch me because I'm willing to catch her.


Today is Thursday and I decided to hang with all my girls today and do some shopping at the mall.

And by shopping I mean me carry all of their bags because I only ever buy bandanas and t-shirts to match them. It's not my fault that I like them so much. It's just something about them that's so thug like.

"Y/N stop daydreaming and come on. We need to go to Hot Topic before Dinah has to go watch her sister." Ally waved her hand in my face getting my attention.

"Are you guys going to make the effort to carry your own bags now?" I was so tired. I understand that I'm the strongest out of all of us but do I really have to carry them all the time?

"Ugh fine give me mine." She rolled her eyes and extended her hand out. 

"Are you sure about that?" I looked at her with a little worry and concern.

"Yes I'm sure now come on." She was waving her hand up and down. I just shrugged my shoulders and handed her the bags. Which was all the stuff in my left.

"What the hell! There's no way all of these are mine Y/N." She was a little upset but I think it was in herself. When Ally shops, she be shopping shopping. It's like she's on a mission or something.

"Uhmm yeah. That's all yours." I giggled and got up going to the Hot Topic store.

When I got there it was like heaven. I love Hot Topic. The perfect mix between rock music and gaming. At least in my opinion.

I went over to the back wall where they keep the anime stuff. I started looking through the shirts when a girl came up to me.

"Excuse but are you Y/N Y/LN?" She seemed a little shy and nervous.

"Uhm yeah that's me. Can I help you?" I was very confused on how she knew my name let alone me in general.

"Well I heard about you around campus. You're the number one 'Freak of the Week'." She started swaying and smiling. It was honestly kinda cute, but it's better when Lauren does it.

"Yes that would be me. Why is it that you ask?" It's time for me to know what's going on.

"Well I just wanted to give you this." She handed me a slip of paper and when I opened it, it was her number.

"Just in case you might want to put that freakiness to use." She bit her lip and looked me up and down.

"I don't think she would be needing that." Ahh and there is my loving girlfriend I adore so much.

"And who might you be?" The girl looked at Lauren as though she was some bitch from the street. Oh no we will not be having that.

"She's my girlfriend. So sorry but I already have someone to do my freakiness with." I smirked and kissed Lauren's neck making her moan. But she was being louder to piss the girl off.

She just scoffed and walked away not trying to deal with us anymore. I looked at Lauren and she grabbed my neighbor. 

"If I ever see a girl talking to you again and you don't do anything about it, I will make sure the next time we go for hours, you don't get to cum. Do you understand me?" She squeezed so hard but I was kinda getting turned on so it felt worse. 

"Yep uh-huh I got it. Crystal clear." I said it in a high-pitched voice. Man she was so sexy yet intimidating.

"Good. Now let's go. I got some anger to release." I grabbed my hand and we left out the store, telling the girls she had an appointment. Hmm and I know what it's for.


It's the next morning and I'm downstairs making me some food. Man last night was a bummer. As soon as Lauren and I got to her house and I got her on the bed, her parents came home asking for help with the groceries. She whisper in my ear next time papi and got up. I helped of course but then I had to get home.

So that's where I am well I'm looking for the sugar I can't seem to find it but then I heard a knock at the door. So I go and open it but then I hear Camila telling me stop but it was already too late. Before I knew it there was a fist in my face and I was on the floor holding my nose. 

"SHAWN NO STOP PLEASE!" I heard Camila say, trying to get him off of me but I was able to push him off by kicking him in the stomach.

"What the hell is your problem dude?!!" I backed up so he couldn't punch me again.

"My problem is you! What makes you think you can beat me up throw me over a fence and then get with my girl?!" He look like a raging bull right now, and it took everything in me to not whoop his ass. Again.

"Look dude, you did some messed up shit to her and you got the consequences for it and you don't deserve her. You really don't. But for some fucked up reason she seems to think that you're perfect for her. So before you get ahead of yourself think about what the fuck led you up to this point." By now I was fuming because he had no right to come at me like that.

"Are you calling me out bitch?" He came up close to my face and my nose almost burned off. But it's not the time for games.

"Well someone has to do it. Bitch." I raised my eyebrows looking at him dead in his eyes.

He shook his head and shoved me making me fall and allowing him to get on top and start delivering punch after punch. I kept trying to push him off but it wasn't working in my favor since my vision started getting blurry.

"SHAWN WHY ARE YOU EVEN DOING THIS WE AREN'T EVEN TOGETHER!?" Camila was hysterical. I could hear it in her voice.

But soon my vision was darkening and next thing I heard was a crash and that's when everything went black.

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