Chapter 27: The Week of Chaos Pt. 2(A/N)

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Later on that day, I met with Lauren and we had our little lunch date. We went to this new place called Eggcentric. It's like a breakfast and lunch cafe. 

But here's the thing we should've got here waaayyyy earlier because this place was packed and it wasn't even 1 yet. But luckily people were starting to leave so we got seated fairly quickly. I ordered some pancakes while Lauren got waffles. 

I got the maple syrup and poured it all on my pancakes. And I mean ALL of it.

"Come on now babe, what am I supposed to pour on my waffles now." She was pouting and my heart was melting a little.

"Well I love syrup and syrup loves me. If you can't accept that then I guess we'll have to go our separate ways." I lifting my head up with my eyes closed as I held the syrup bottle to my body.

I peeked a little and saw Lauren trying to not laugh at me but I couldn't hope mine in either so we both busted out laughing. We got a couple glances our way but it was us and we like when it's us, so who cares what they have to say.


"The food was so good there and the service was spot on too." I said as I opened the door for Lauren.

"I never would've imagined the place to be so good at everything." She said as she slid into to passenger seat. I went to my side, started the car up and we set off.

"So what are your plans for the rest of the day?" I asked Lauren as she was singing to the radio. Her voice is so amazing. I still would never be able to get over it.

"Umm I might just stay in my room and watch movies and stuff. How about you?" She looked over to me with a curious look.

"I'm going to my house to wash some clothes. It's about time that I get them washed. They're starting to stink up my whole room." I said making a stank face remembering the smell of it.

She giggled at me and I smiled. She has such a cute giggle. I would set it as my ringtone, if it wasn't so weird.

I had pulled up in front of her house and her and I walked up to her front door.

"Well maybe when you finish washing clothes you could come over to my place and we can hang out some more?" She looked at me hoping I would say yes to her.

"I'll think about it okay love?" I said, starting to walk backwards to my car.

She pouted and started whimpering like the puppy she can be.

"Ugh fine. If it's not too late I'll come over and hang out with you." I shook my head. Every single time she gets me with that.

"Yaayyy thank you. But even if it was late you could still come over. I wouldn't mind." She winked and walked into her house leaving me all tingly inside.

I got back in my car and started my drive home with a big smile on my face.


The next morning, I woke in a pile of my clothes. And they are not the clean pile.

I wasn't able to make it to Lauren's last night because I got caught up with my clothes and also playing video games so yeah that was my night.

I heard moving around upstairs so I decided to get up and clean myself up. I started to make my way upstairs and seen Camila looking in through the cabinets. I just went on to my room minding my business. Well until she called me.

I turned around facing her, with an unimpressed tired look. 

"Yes, how may I help you?" I slowly blinked because I really don't have time for her shit today.

"Where were you last night?" She folded my arms with a stern look.

"Minding my business. You know it's good for you, you should try it sometime." I smiled as I said it but then when I was done, I dropped it and turned going up to my room again. 

I closed my door and started to take off my clothes. My shirt then my shorts and as I go to take off my bra my door opens.

"Dude you were supposed to mee-" I turned around seeing Normani and Ally looking at me with these looks of hunger.

"No guys it's too early to be looking like that." I stopped reaching for my bra and just stood there looking at them with annoyance.

"Fuck you mean too early it's one in the afternoon." Oh hell what time did I go to sleep last night?

"Well still I don't feel like it. But what were you saying before you were distracted by my awesome body." I went to my closet as the girls took a seat on my bed.

"You were supposed to meet us at the mall so we could go shopping at 12 but you never showed up so we came here to see what was up." Ally said scrolling through her phone and then looking at me.

"But clearly something is up. It is up indeed." Normani said looking at my friend. I hurried and put on my black ripped jeans.

"Stop it you perv." I squinted my eyes at her and she just shook her head up in defence

I went around looking for my pink hoodie but I couldn't find it anywhere. That was until I remembered that I had washed it and it was still downstairs.

"Hey can you go get my pink hoodie from the laundry room?" I looked at Normani with puppy eyes.

"Pssh dafuq? No. It's scary down there." SHe rolled her eyes and went back to her phone.

I looked at Ally with the same look.

"If she ain't going what makes you think this short girl gone do for you?" She said with such sass.

I groaned and through a little fit before stomping out the room.

"Pussies." I mumbled before I went downstairs. But apparently it wasn't low enough because next thing I hear it Normani running downstairs, so I hurried and ran down to the laundry room but kept the light off. i have a good reference for around the basement so I know where everything is.

I heard her footsteps coming closer to me so I reached out a grabbed whatever was close. 

Bad idea.

I grabbed but heard a scream so I hurried and let go and ran to turn the lights on. 

When I did a piece of her hair was in my hand.

She looked at me then my hand and reached for the back of her head.

"She told me it was secured. I'm never letting Dinah do my hair again." She started crying and ran upstairs while I busted out laughing. Leave it to Dinah to fuck something up.

After laughing for like five minutes I found my pink hoodie and went upstairs putting it on as well. I came into my room to see Ally holding Normani in her arms.

Well there goes our plans for today.


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