Chapter 3: Going Out

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We pull to World's and Ocean's of Fun and let me tell you I'm so fucking pumped for this. I hop out the car and get my stuff out of the trunk and wait for Camila. She gets out the car, takes a picture and gets her stuff and we head  to the gates.

Should I make a move on her while we're here? Ahh maybe not now but when we go to the Ferris Wheel.

Me and Camila are now at Ocean's of Fun and we are changing. She already knows about my condition so she wouldn't be surprised if she saw me in shorts with a bulge. I'm already out and changed so now I'm just waiting on her. I was on my phone when I heard the stall door open so I looked up and that was a big mistake.

I have never seen so much of some Cuban booty in my life. Actually I take that back there was that one where Lauren did flash me at that party for Ally. Oh well.

I was interrupted by someone snapping their fingers and it turned out to be Camila looking at me intently. "Are you ok?" She asked. All I did was nod my head and told her we should get going. She agreed and we left.

The first place we went to was pretty empty not a lot of people were there.

The first place we went to was pretty empty not a lot of people were there

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(A/N Just imagine some people are there)

She went ahead and set our stuff down on two chairs while I went and got us some drinks.

"Hey can I get two Strawberry Melon Twist?"  I asked the waitress. She eyed me up and down which kinda made me uncomfortable. It was like she wanted to do more than just get with me.

"Here you are. Two Strawberry Melon Twist. On the house." Then she winked at me. I think Camila saw because she has this eye twitch thing going on.

But soon enough I started to make my way over and she looks at me with the biggest smile in the world it makes my day even better. I just want it to go well.

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