Chapter 4: Caught

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Hi, so to be totally honest with you I feel like I just might pass out. We couldn't leave our stuff at our chairs because the park wasn't going to watch it therefore us having to carry our bags with us everywhere. But the bright part is that it's pretty much like a little shade for us from the sun. Key word: little.

So far we have been on the patriot, the boomerang, and the timber wolf. I want to get on the Mamba but Camila is to scared to go on.

"Come on Cami! I'll be right there next to you the whole way. I promise." I said trying to convince her.

"You promise?" She said innocently.

"I promise. And besides have I ever let anything bad happen to you?" I said.

"Well there was that one time at the cliff." She said looking at me more or less like glaring.

"Ok, I have to admit I didn't know you were gonna hit your ass that hard in the water." I said laughing a little.

"Shut up it's not funny." She said pouting.

"It's kinda funny." I said in the accent of the bus boy off American Dad.

She started laughing loud. Like so loud it started to attract people. I just kept walking like I didn't know her but soon enough she caught her breath and ran up to me again.

"Why'd you walk off?"

"Because I don't know you." I said seriously.

"Really?" She asked confused.

"Yes really. I don't know anybody who laughs that loud and feel comfortable with people looking at them like they're crazy." I said in a monotone voice.

"Well maybe you do 'cause you know me." She said with a smile. That smile is to die for but she will never know how I feel.

"Come on. Let's go on this rollercoaster and then we can do whatever you want."


For the rest of the day we just spent time together. I didn't pull anything on her, I just thought it was to soon to do so.

We got back to my house at around 10. Camila wanted to see the fireworks so that's what we did and of course I bought her a stuffed banana and she bought me a stuffed strawberry because they are life.

When we walked in the house I saw Lauren and Dinah on my couch.

"Um, can I help you guys?" I said, by now Camila has left the room I guess to put her stuff up.

"Yeah where were you all day? We've been here for about 3 hours now." Dinah said looking up from her phone.

"Me and Camila -" But I was cut off.

"Camila and I." Lauren said correcting me.

"Went to World's o-" But once again I was cut off.

"Without us?!??!" Dinah practically yelled in my ear.

"Yes because it's been so long since we had a chance to spend time together with me at college we never had time." I explained myself.

"Ok well since you had a reason we forgive but in return we need you to go and get dressed, we're going out." Lauren said to me finally looking at me instead of her phone.

"Well I just have to tell Camila." I said.

"Tell me what?" She said coming from upstairs.

"That I'm going out tonight." I said but she was eyeing me.

"Uhh no your not. You have to get your stuff unpacked." She said hand an her hip.

"Well I guess I'll see you guys later." I said turning around and winking at them. They know what that means. Basically I'm gonna sneak out of the house to go to the party.

"Alright we'll see you later Trey." Lauren said and kissed me on the cheek. Yeah we're affectionate like that.

"Yeah see you later Y/N." Dinah said giving me a hug.

As soon as they left I turned around but Camilla was no where to be found so I just went upstairs to 'finish unpacking'.


I was able to sneak out the house no problem and get in the car and drive off to the party.

(A/N your outfit)

Once I got there all you could smell was the alcohol and weed all around you

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Once I got there all you could smell was the alcohol and weed all around you.

Soon enough I found my clique waiting for me by the door.

"Glad you could make it Trey." Normani said as she hugged me as well as the others.

"Well what are we waiting for let's get turnt up dawgs!" Dinah yelled as we all laughed and entered the house.

Soon enough we did get turnt. I did beer pong with Dinah, smoked some with Normani, Never Have I Ever with Ally, and body shots with Lauren.

It was a wild night. Until I got home.

When I opened the door I expected Camila to be in bed because it's 4 in the morning. Nope she was right there, on the couch staring at me when I walked through the door and the first thought through my head was: I'm busted.

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