Chapter 16: A New Day

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The next morning we both woke up but Camila was a little distant and I knew why. So I decided to give her space for the day. I wouldn't want to do something and then she goes off on me.

I thought it would be nice to make breakfast in bed for her so I made banana pancakes with chocolate sauce and some milk. I brought it upstairs as she was coming out of the bathroom.

"Aww is this for me?" she said in awe.

"Of course its for you. I know you love your bananas." I said looking at her and smirking, hoping she got it.

"Oh wow. Really Y/N?" She said smiling a little.

"Oh yes indeed." I said sitting beside her.

"So what ever happened to Shawn?" she asked.

"Oh I threw him over the fence." I casually said as if it want nothing.

"What?! Why?" she said starting to getup and put her shoes on.

"Well because he came to the house and basically forced himself on you and and then beat me up" I explained getting up too.

"Well that doesn't mean throw him over the FUCKING FENCE!" She said, raising her voice at me.

"Well I'm sorry I decided to do that it was just what I thought of first." I was starting to get irritated that she was thus worried about him.

"You couldn't have called the cops or something?" she looked at me with her disheveled hair.

"I just thought I could handle it on my own." I said looking down.

"Well baby next time think of something less dangerous." she said picking my head up.

"Okay." I was still pouting a little.

"Now that that's over, do you think he might have left once he awoke?" she said with concern in her eyes.

"Most likely. And if not then he better not make his way over here cause I'll kick his ass again." I was starting to get heated up again.

I need to calm down. Doctor said if I get out of hand again then, oh no. I just need to chill.

"Hey uh Cam, I think I'm just gonna stay inside today, okay?" I was already making my way to my room.

"Okay I'm just going to the store and then my sister's place and I should be back maybe around 8 or 9." She said getting her stuff together to take a shower.

"Okay, got it." I was finally in my room so I closed the door, and locked it.

I started to pace back and forth trying to calm myself down, because knowing me I'll end up punching the wall. We've already had to repair the first 4 holes in it already, and I sure we don't want a fifth. I finally stopped pacing and took a seat but I'm still shaking. What if he tries to come back again? What if this time he comes after me? What if he ends up kidnapping me? I don't want for that to happen. I'm too cute for that.

Okay, okay, come on Y/N you got this. Just chill and take a deep breathe. You need to control yourself. We don't need another David. I know that for sure.

I jumped when I heard knocking but then realized it was just Camlia.

"Hey I was just letting you know that I'm bout to leave okay?" she was looking at my shaking leg so I stopped.

"Okay have fun and be safe." I was really trying not to show how fidgety I was but its kind of hard to do that.

"Okay I will but are you good?" Oh no she knows. She k owes everything.

"Yeah I'm just dandy. Why do you ask?" I was trying to play it off and it seems as though its working.

"Cause you seem, I don't know, twitchy." she said shrugging her shoulders.

"Oh yeah I'm fine." I waved her off.

"Okay if you say so." she then left my room a d later I heard the front door close.

Wow that was so close.

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