Chapter 30: I'm Sick Of It

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After being in the hospital for three days, they were finally letting me out. They wanted to keep me a little longer to make sure that my ribs healed properly. I wasn't really tripping about it as long as I got out of there.

"Alright Y/N, you are now free to go. All we need is a parent or guardian signature." What? Why do I need a signature? I'm fucking 20!

"Ms. Y/N?" the doctor said waving his hand in my face. "Did you hear what I said?" I blinked my eyes a couple times.

"Uhm yeah I heard you, but why if I'm old enough to sign myself out?" I was very confused on why this was happening.

"Well that's because you are indeed not of age to discharge yourself, so therefore we need a signature." I slumped down on the bed because I just wanted to leave, this bed is uncomfortable and the food taste like medicine.

"Well my parents aren't here to sign me out. So I guess I'll have to sign myself out. I shrugged my shoulders, trying to grab the clipboard he had in his hands.

"Ah I don't think so," he pulled it away from my reach. "Do you happen to have a guardian who is able to sign you out of here?"

I was thinking and trying to figure out who could possibly get me out. Only one person came to mind. Camila.

Ugh I didn't want to see her, considering the fact she was still messing with Shawn clearly and she didn't even come to see me this whole time I was here. But I need to get out this hospital.

"Yeah I do have someone. Camila Cabello. She's my mom's friend. She is to be watching over me while my parents are away on a business trip. I can give her a call and she can come up here." I spoke to him as if I didn't care because I really didn't. I was getting irritated with the whole situation.

"Okay give her a call and when she gets here we'll have you signed out and ready to go home." I nodded and he walked out the room leaving me to it.

Ugh I don't want to call her but I need to get out of here. Actually I think I know what I might do.


I had seen Camila come in and ask where I was. The nurse pointed to my room and she came in.

"Hello Y/N, how are you?" she said as she sat down in the chair next to by bed. Is she fucking serious? I've been here for three days and all she has to say is how are you. I can't believe her.

"Ready to go." I say in a venomous tone, calling the doctor in here so she can sign the papers. He came within the next couple minutes with a clipboard and a smile. It's creepy but not scary creepy just uncomfortable creepy.

"Okay here are the papers if you could just sign here," He pointed to the middle of the page. "Here," to the end of the page. "Aaannnd here." he flipped the page and showed her the bottom of it. "Well that is all that I need. You are free to go Ms. Y/LN" He smiled again, less creepy this time and left the room. 

I got all of my stuff and waited for Camila to come out of the room once she did we made our way out towards the car. Once I got the signal, I rushed towards the car in front of hers jumped in the front seat and they hit the gas. I looked in the rearview mirror and seen Camila with a terrified and confused look.

I just shrugged my shoulders and got settled in my seat again. "Thanks for coming to get me." I said to her as she drove towards her house. "Yeah no problem just make sure you tell your girlfriend where you're at so she doesn't think I stole you or you ran away." Hayley said as she smirked at me. Hayley Kiyoko, a girl I used to date in high school until she found out I cheated but didn't make a big deal of it because she cheated too. With the same person. So we ended having like three's with each other until we got bored and decided to just remain friends.

Well at least her and I did we never knew what happened to Hailey. I think she's engaged to her boyfriend Justin but I don't know. Anyways we got to her house and I brought all my stuff in, setting it on the couch and getting comfortable laying down.

"Would you like a cuddle buddy with all that comfortability?" Hayley came from where she was and sat on top on my lower stomach. "Oh god. What'd you do put weights in your ass?" She busted out laughing and started bouncing up and down, but because of where she was on my body, I started to get turned on and she could feel it too.

"Why are you so easily turned on?" She soon stopped and looked at me with a weird look. It wasn't one of lust but one of curiosity. "I honestly don't even know myself. If an action is being done or something is said, I can take any kinda way sexually and get turned on." I shrugged my shoulders giving her my explanation. 

She just stood up and shook her head. "You will forever be the only person I know to get hard quick but never release." She said walking away.

Well wasn't that pleasant.

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