Chapter 7: Day 2 (Monday)

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Second Day of punishment and I did not expect it to be like this.

Here I am at a birthday party for Sofia's (Camila's Sister) kids' birthday. Yes kids, as in she has a set of twins Oliver and Olivia. I call them olives because well the only difference is that one's a boy and one's a girl and they have two different letters at the end of their first name.

Even their middle name's are similar. Taylor and Tyler. But whatever suits Sofia the best I don't care as long as her kids have names.

So back to me I think but anyway they just turned 8 and they both wanted the same theme for this year. Spongebob. They have grown so much over the years when they were first born. Sofia is older than Camila. She is 32 and is married to Logan Moreau. (Imagine the parents older)

Sofia and Logan have been married since they were both 23

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Sofia and Logan have been married since they were both 23. They had kids the year after.

Guess they couldn't just wait to have their kids. But hey whatever floats their boat.

Right now we're about to leave, I'm just waiting for Camila to come on from talking to Sofia so we can go and get some food.

I was soon interrupted by my phone ringing.

"Hello?" I said in a monotone voice.

"Aye bitch" said the person on the line. There's only one person who says stuff like this to me. Or at that anyone.

"Hi Dinah. How's your day so far?" I asked, caring only slightly.

"It was alright. I spent the day with Regina and we went to get ice cream because she wouldn't stop begging." she said, groaning a little in return.

"Was it because of her begging or was it because you wanted to see the cute boy that worked there today?" I said, with a little bit of playfulness in my voice.

"Totally not because of the boy but, hey, what can I say he has a nice pair of-" she was about to say but I cut her off.

"Ok I don't need to here about another man's junk jar." I gagged a little.

"Ok so what did you do today?" she said, gratefully changing the subject.

"Well I went to Sofi's kids' birthday party today." I said in a monotone voice.

"Wait, I thought you didn't do kiddy birthday parties?" she said, sounding a little agitated.

It's all because every time it's one of her siblings birthday's, she always wants me to come but I don't do that kiddy shit, with kids running around, with sticky hands that you don't know how they got sticky.

"I was dragged of my free will because Camila wanted me to show support for them and I pretty much just stayed in the house the whole time so chill your tots Di, it's nothing serious." I said, explaining to her what was really going on.

"Fine, but what's this I hear about you and Lauren fucking yesterday?" she said, probably with a frown on her face.

"Come on Dinah. You know me and Laur-" I started to get out but then she cut me off.

"Nope. Skip all that. How come you can fuck Lauren but when I make sex jokes, you gotta be all defensive and uncomfortable?" she said kinda irritated.

Let's see if we can put the puzzle together. Lauren and I have been friends since pull-ups. We were able to create this bond that was so unbreakable how do you think we get along so well? Because we are pretty much the same person only difference, I have a dick.

Her mom and my mom worked in the same department at the Halmark Card Company. And now work as technicians at the apple company. We went to the same schools all our lives, even pre-school. And we practically live right down the street from each other. What do you expect? We had all our first together because we didn't trust anyone else with those sacred moments of our lives in their hands.

Yeah, we still go to other people and sometimes we even do it while in a relationship. (But it was only to end the relationship. We are not cheaters, technically.) But yet, we didn't do it with people that might not be in our lives anymore after they got what they wanted from us.

That includes Brad Simpson, Kylie Jenner,(but I did date her sister and I would have considered a long-term relationship if she wasn't such a big mouth.) Taylor Swift, Calum Hood, Luis whatever his name is, and the crazies Sandra and Mary? Marlon? I don't know but we gave it all. First kiss, make-out, time, sleepover, party, taste of liquor, smoke of weed, piercing, tattoo, you name it, we did it. Simply put as that.

"Dinah, we have been over this before. You are still a virgin. I'm not taking it from you. You're supposed to have it with someone that is special to you and I think I know who it is but I'm not gon' say anything." I said with a smile but then I saw Camila coming.

"Sorry Tie Di but I gotta go see ya later." I said before hanging up the phone.

By the time I hung up, Camila was in the car, starting it up. I turned to look at her but she was already immersed on the road, back to the house. I turned back around, looking out the window, seeing the trees and houses we passed by.

"So how did you like the party?" was the first thing Camila asked me this whole entire ride. We're at least another 30 minutes until we get to the house so I guess she's trying to make conversation.

"It was fun. My fave part being when Sofi smashed the cake in their faces and the cake fight had broke out." I said giggling a bit.

Camila then busted out laughing remembering the event of her niece and nefew.

"Well at least you enjoyed something right?" she said still giggling a little.

"Yeah, but I also like how you fell a gazillion times in the bounce house." I said starting to laugh my ass off.

"Hey! That was not funny." she said with a pout. I wish she didn't do that. It makes me want to kiss it away.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry for laughing at you but you have to admit it was pretty funny." I said biting my lip to contain my smile.

She then turned to look at me while we were at a red-light and gave me the biggest smile I ever saw. It would most probably out shine the sun if it could.

It was such an euphoric moment but as any other sweet moment, she was pulled out of her trance when the person behind us honked his horn a couple times.

She looked in the rearview mirror and flicked the guy behind us off before driving again to the house.

As soon as she parked in, I got out and ran to the kitchen and got some noodles and after finishing those I ran upstairs to my room, taking off my pants and shirt, leaving me in my sports bra and briefs, before jumping in bed and falling asleep.

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