Chapter 20: Lonely Nights

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It's been two weeks since Camila left. I have been calling her nonstop but every time I do call, it goes straight to voicemail. I'm really worried about her. i don't know where she is, where she could be at or even if she's been kidnapped. 

I decided to leave another voicemail.

One ring.

Two rings.

Four rings.

Six rings.

Then I hear, "Hi you have reached Camila. Sorry I couldn't reach you, but please do leave a message after the beep."


"Hey Camila. It's me again. I was just wondering where you were. I'm really worried about you. I don't know where you could be at. I've checked your parents house, your sister's, and a couple of your friends' houses that I know of. Please tell me that you are okay. I just...I'm sorry for what I did and what I said. I should've never did that stuff to you. But I hope that you can forgive me for what I have done. I never meant to hurt you." Then I hung up the phone.

That's like the 74th time I've called her. I just don't know what to do with myself anymore. It's like I've lost my purpose in life. Without her, I'm like a wondering soul. I wish she was here right now so I could tell her I'm sorry for being such a dick. 

Ugh maybe we can try for tomorrow with fifteen more missed calls and voicemails.


Short chapter might update again tonight.

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