Chapter 11: Day 6 (Friday) Part One

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Its Friday and we all know what that means.


Freaky Friday is the day where everyone at our college sends something freaky with someone else's phone to 5 people in their contacts. Lauren and I decided to get each others phones for the occasion.

So basically the person's phone that got took doesn't know what five people the person who it is going send nor what they're sending. So we better hope it's not someone's parents.

For Lauren I decided to do Normani, Dinah, Chris, Jade, and Tori. I chose them because Dinah and Normani always get the most freaky stuff, Chris because what's more funny than seeing someone's brother receive nudes from their sister and Jade because Lauren's been trying to get with her and Tori because she's the 'Freak Queen'.

Lauren and I are going to meet up now to give each others phones back and I'm kinda scared about it. What if she sent something to my mom or my dad? Let's hope its not my mom cause she don't take that shit.

Now I'm just sitting at a table in Starbucks with my cakes pops waiting on Lauren to get here.

Camila let me have my car for this because she understands how close me and Lauren are with each other. But it was only for today, considering I'm still on punishment.

Finally she walks through the door looking like a mess. Its as if she had a tornado hit her and she was still trying to get her life.

"Hey." she said sitting down, making a whole bunch of noise.

"Uhhh...hey. What's going on here? Why are you so disorganized?" I said worring about her.

"Oh yeah. I'm fine. Just had a late start this morning. But anyway I have your phone, so lets make this switch." she said explaining the reason why she looks like a hot mess right.

We made the switch and immediately start looking at who got the Freaky Friday texts.

Normani. Ok.

Dinah. Ok.

Matt. Hahaha ok.

Louis. Ok.

And....oh shit.


She got the worst of it. She has a nude of me.

Oh shit this is not good. I knew I should of put her under something different than jus Cammie with fucking heart eyes.

What if she tells my mom? Oh shit I'm so fucked if she does.

"You would send something to Jade wouldn't you?" Lauren said with a shy smile on her face.

"Well considering the fact that you have been trying to get with her for the longest, I thought I could help you out." I said smiling at her.

"You're the best you know that?" She said hugging me.

"I mean duh I'm me dafuq." I said with a smart tone.

She got me upside the head when I said that but it's whatever.

"And you sent something to Chris? God I'll never hear the end of it with him." She said shaking her head.

"You'll be fine. Just make sure Momma J doesn't see." I said in a serious tone.

"Yeah I can make sure of that. She never asks for my phone only when it rings does she ask who it is." She said with a dazed look.

"Well how about we go and get us some Yogurtini's. My treat." I said trying to avoid going home for the meantime so I don't have to face Camila.

"Uhh... sure just let me get my life together real quick and I'll be out there." She said getting her stuff together.

"Ok. I'm outside then." I said walking to the door.

5 minutes later, Lauren finally comes out the door with her bag and purse.

"Bout damn time. I thought I was gonna have to send in the troops." I said ironically.

"Fuck the troops. I pay my bills." She said in a ratchet voice while patting her hair.

I busted out laughing and when I finally settled down I started the car and made my way to the frozen yogurt shop.

When I pulled in I saw Matt at the register. The one from my phone. Oh gosh he most definitely opened it. Now I have to hear his mouth.

We walked in and it wasn't as packed only like a few people. So me and Lauren walked up to Matt and when he saw me and Lauren he looked like he was ready to blow his cap off.

"So today is 'Freaky Friday' the weekly tradition at college so I definitely know it wasn't you who sent that text." He said then turned to Lauren.

"Is that the best you could do Jauregui?" He questioned raising his eyebrow in the process.

"Its what I could think of at the moment." She said shrugging her shoulders.

I decided to look at the text to see what it said anf when I did it was Lauren alright.

To 😑Mattaline🤐:
Hey how bout you come over so we can have fun I'll even let you drive the stick if you want.😏

"Really Lauren you can do a whole lot better than that." I said a little disappointed.

"Look, at the time I was really high and you know how I get, super cringy and Matty is already cringy as it is so it's hard to think of stuff." Lauren said shifting from side to side because the attention was on her.

"What the hell? I'm not cringy." Matt said offended.

"Well you kinda are Matty." I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Whatever. Y'all want the usual?" He said about to bring up the total for us.

"Yep." Lauren and I said at the same time then went to get our fro-yo on.


After the fro-yo, I took Lauren back to Starbucks so she could get her car and left afterwards.

I really hope Camila isn't at home because If she is then that's not a good sign at all. That means she opened the text and is waiting to confront me about it.

It's about 7 when I get home.

As soon as I got home I saw her car in the driveway so now I have to face my fears and go in the house.

So I locked my doors, walked to the porch and unlocked the door and went inside.

Right when I stepped in all I saw was Camila in the chair across the room looking dead at me.

"So you may already know why I'm waiting for you but just to clarify. I was sent a text from you and it was necessarily a message but a picture of you and your," she looked down and my pants then back up again. "'Exposed Area's' might I add." Camila said crosing her legs and looking me dead in the eye.

"You have some explaining to do." She said in a boss tone of voice.

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