Chapter 14: Peace Is With Me (Tagged)

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"Bull-fucking-shit Jauregui." I said to Lauren as we were on the swings.

She was telling that she scored with Jade. After I sent the freaky text, she said they really hit it off and had been meeting up since. She just told me how she finally got the guts to ask her to be her girlfriend.

"I know! I was so shocked that she actually said yes." She said with light in her eyes. I haven't seen her this happy since she went out with Luis before the accident. But he's in a better place now.

"Well I'm happy that you're letting yourself move on from Luis." I said wrapping an arm around her.

"Yeah. I thought it was finally time to get over him. I know he would want for me to not sulk my whole life." She said her mood changing a little.

Luis Santos. He is or was Lauren's boyfriend. They had been dating since the eighth grade up until the first year of college. It was their six year anniversary, and I was helping him with the surprise he had for her when he needed to get some flowers. But when he got up to pay for them, a guy came in and shot him and the owner of the store robbing it afterwards. They caught the guy but it was too late. The worst thing of all was that it was the night he would propose to Lauren.

He always told me about how he wanted to have kids and get married with Lauren. But it was tooken from them the moment he was shot. Throughout the second year of college Lauren was in a very bad place. It got so bad she almost tried to kill herself but she was able to pull through and now look where she is.

Now Lauren always wears the ring on the right side of her hand to remember him.

"I still miss him sometimes. And he is still my wallpaper on my phone." She said showing me her phone.

"Well let's not get too sappy now. Come on let's get you home." I said getting up off the swing.

She got up too and we made our way to my car. Her car was at my house so we decided that she would spend the night at my house then leave in the morning.

When we got there, the only lights on we're the kitchen lights so I'm guessing Camila went to sleep already.

So we made our way to the house and went up to my room and got dressed for bed.

I hopped in bed and with my emoji pants and superman shirt while Lauren was still in the bathroom brushing her teeth.

After she got done she came out the bathroom in basically the same thing I had on only switched. So superman pants and and emoji shirt.

"Hm isn't this a coincidence?" She said giggling and making her way over to the bed.

"Well you know what they say. Great minds think alike." I said smiling at her.

"Yeah I guess you're right." She said getting up under the covers.

"Do you ever think that we're too old for sleepovers? Especially with the way things are now?" Lauren said looking up at the ceiling.

"I wouldn't think so. Do you?" I said looking over at her.

"No I like spending time with my BIBF." She said giggling. Ugh I hated when she called me that. It means 'Best Intersex Best Friend' and every time she said it, everyone would always asked what it meant and we'll have to say it's an inside joke.

"Not with this again that was in middle school why bring it up now?" I said stuffing my head in the pillows.

"Cause it's funny." She said laughing.

"Alright fine then. APH." I said busting  out laughing. APH stands for airport pot head. When we were on our way to college for our first year, Lauren thought it would be cool to bring along weed but the security dog caught it and she had to stay back for another day.

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