Chapter 17: Visiting An Old "Friend"

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Once Camila left I decided to go and get out for a second. I though this would be a good opportunity to clear my head and get away from all this drama.

I finally got dressed and headed out.

And right as I get outside, it's raining.

Oh well isn't that just great.

So I run back inside and grab my jacket and umbrella and set out for my walk.

There's not much to really that I can truly think about. All that really comes to mind is.....


He was like a brother to me. 

Him and I met in the 7th grade. And it was kinda funny how we met.

It was during lunch and I was sitting with my friends and he was sitting with his.

We both apparently had a crush on this one girl in our grade, Zendaya Coleman.

She was, well to us, the prettiest girl in the grade. But there were times where she would have her mean and cruel moments. And one of those moments just so happens to be this time.

So we were having our school wide Mascaraed Party and everyone was getting dates, so we both wanted to ask her out but we were both too chicken to do it.

So she went to both of our tables and asked us out but we didn't know.

By the time the dance got here we were ready and got there cause we said that we would meet each other there but when we got there, we saw her with 9th grader Devon Werkheiser (A/N if you don't know him he's off of Ned's Declassified and if you don't know that show then what are you doing with your life.) 

We both couldn't bare the pain of being played the way we were so we sat outside.

We ended up bonding over what happened and soon enough we became friends.

We had so much in common that it was crazy.

So when I found out that he had a crush on Ally, it kinda shocked me.

Yes Ally is like one of my best friends but I never thought that someone that's so close to me would like another person that's close to me.

Everyone that's in our circle never had feelings for anyone, that's probably why I'm so antsy about Dinah and Normani.

I don't want for them to end up like Ally and David did.

When they got together it was like your very typical and cliche love. dates every Friday and Saturday, cute anniversaries, all that cute stuff.

But later on down the road he started to change. He was a lot more aggressive and he was more controlling. And at the end of the relationship there was a time where we didn't even see Ally at all. It was like she went M.I.A. We asked David had she seen her and he said no not lately. And we found that kind of suspicious considering the fact that he was with her more than us.

So we put out a missing person's report out and tried to find her that way and soon enough we did. She was locked in an abandon house far away from anywhere.

But what we saw when we got there was so gruesome that we couldn't bare the sight that we were about to see.

It was Ally passed out on the floor, her body looking more frail than what it was before, and cuts and brusies all over her, and when we asked who it was that did it, she said his name.


I got so rapid that I lashed out and no one was able to stop me.

I drove all the way to his house and busted his door open, luckily his parents weren't home.

I ran upstairs to his room and I went off. It was like I couldn't stop. No matter how much he tried  to stop me, I just kept going. And soon enough I went to far.

There I stood with his corpse in my arms, all because I couldn't stop myself. because I let my anger get the best of me.

I ended up in the Juvenile Detention Center for two years. They said they would've put me to death but since they know of my history and what happen before hand, they let me off kinda easy.

After reminiscing over all of this, I find myself at the graveyard.

The place he was buried at. I decided why not go in. 

I walk around for a little until I find his grave.

"Here lies David Henrie. 

Born July 11, 1996

Died March 13, 2014

He was a good man when he wanted to be one. Shall he never be forgotten."

Whelp here goes nothing.

"Hey there Davey. Look I know we had some tough times and I know of all that happened but no hard feelings, right?" I feel stupid doing this.

"Look Dave, ugh I've been stressing hella lately and I just can't really do it anymore. Like me and Camila remember my mom's friend? Yeah me and her are together now. And her ex is trying to get back with her by using force and I don't think that's okay." I'm starting to tear up.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm starting to feel the same way I did when I found out about what you had did to Ally. I really don't want for it to happen again. It was bad enough doing it to a close friend and I went too far, but what would happen if it was to someone I don't care for or I don't know for real?" It's starting to rain even more, I gotta go before I get sick.

I stood up and started to make my way back to the house.

As soon as I got there I saw Camila's car in the driveway.

I walked inside and seen that she had cooked already. Hmm bacon wrapped chicken with mac and cheese and french-styled green beans. Delicious.

I fixed me a plate and made my way upstairs to my room.

5 minutes later Camila came in my room and sat on my bed.

"How was your day today?" she looked kinda tired so I thought I'd make this quick so she can sleep.

"It was cool. I took a nice little walk, even though it was raining but I'm good."

"Okay that's good. I hope you don't get sick is all." she chuckled.

"Yeah I hope so too, but I'm gonna go ahead and go to sleep." I said beginning to get under the covers.

"Okay, goodnight Y/N." she said getting up and going over to the door.

"Goodnight Camila." I got all snuggled in the covers.

She then turned the light off and closed the door.

Today wasn't so bad as I thought it would have been.

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