The Funeral

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I was let out of the hospital after two days or so. The funeral was a week later.

It was quiet, peaceful. What a funeral should be. Everyone was there; me, the Avengers, even Clint's family.

We watched as her coffin was lowered into the ground. My dad picked up a handful of soil, and threw it into the ground, "I'm sorry Nat."

Next was Steve, then Clint, Bruce, and the rest. Peter went before me, whispering, "I won't hurt her."

I went next, picking up a handful of soil and tossing it down. "We'll be alright Nat."

My dad was waiting to the side, with his arms open. "Come here kid, it's alright." I hugged him and started crying.

"Why did she have to go?" I pulled away, and he wiped my tears.

"I'm sorry kid. I'm sorry." He left to speak to Clint and his family, so I turned around.

Peter was there, also crying. I hugged him, "It's my fault. I shouldn't have let Luke come over that day."

"No it's not. You didn't know, none of us did." He kissed my forehead. "She's still with us. In here." He pointed to my heart, and smiled.

"You're a dork." I laughed at him, wiping my eyes.

"As advertised."


I headed over to Bruce, "Are you okay?"

"Could be better." I know Bruce and Nat were together - sort of. It's complicated. "It's just too soon."

"I know. I'm sorry."

"It wasn't you kid. And she'll be watching over us, she won't want to miss a thing."

My dad came and tapped me on the shoulder. "Ready to go kid?"

I nodded. I followed him and Peter out of the graveyard.

My dad walked ahead of us, all of us in silence. Peter squeezed my hand, and I smiled.

"Y/N..." I turned round, to see Luke next to a tree. "I need to talk to you."

"No. Not today, not ever."

"Look, I just need to say I'm sorry. We were never supposed to hurt her."

My dad had stopped, "It's Luke, right? Don't come near my daughter, or Peter, again, do you hear me?"

"I can help her with her powers. It's the least you can do, after killing my mother."

"You are evil, you and your whole team. You experimented on people, you hurt them. You put Mr Stark in a coma, and almost killed Y/N. And your mother, killed Natasha. Just leave us alone." Peter growled at him.

"You don't have powers, you have no idea how to control them."

"Actually sis, I have healing powers."

I started to walk away. Luke sighed, "Fine, good luck on your own. But you should know this isn't the last time you'll see me."

I just wanted to leave. He was lying, just trying to get into my head. I just need to go home, eat some ice cream and watch some terrible movie on Netflix.

Peter turned to me, "Where did he go?" I turned to look back. He was gone.

My dad put his hand on my shoulder. "He won't touch you again kid. He won't come anywhere near us. Not while I'm around."

A/N: This took me so long to write, Infinity War broke me. Also, this book has 2, maybe 3, chapters left, but there will be a sequel!

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