What Happened?

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I opened my eyes, and looked around. I was lying in a bed, in what I assume was a hospital room.

I turned to the side, to see my dad reading. He looked up and saw me awake, "Hey kiddo."

"Hi dad." I sat up, wincing in pain. Looking down, I saw my arm was bandaged, and so was my leg. "So I'm guessing this wasn't fatal then?"

He smiled, "You got here in time, they were able to fix everything before it was too late. Any later, you could have died."

"Where's Peter?"

"Just getting some food, he'll be back soon."

Steve walked in, followed by Clint.      "You're finally up." Steve said.

I looked up at Clint, and saw he looked different. His eyes were red and puffy. As if he had been crying.

"Are you okay?" I asked him.

He turned to Tony, "You haven't told her yet?"

My dad shook his head, "I was about to."

"We'll leave you for a bit." Steve said, then left with Clint.

I watched as they left, and my dad sat in silence. "Dad, what happened?"

"I'm so sorry kid. I didn't think this would happen." He wiped his eyes.


He started to explain.


There was a gunshot. Peter turned to Tony, "Is that Sofia?"

"I'm sure Nat dealt with her."

Peter shook his head, "Something feels off, I'm going to check." He turned around, and walked towards the sound.

"Peter, wait." Tony shouted, chasing after him.

They walked down a corridor, to see two bodies. Sofia. And Nat.

"Nat!" Tony rushed to her, crouching down. "Nat, are you with me?"

She nodded slightly, moving her hand from her chest. "Not for long. But at least Y/N is safe."

Peter crouched down to Sofia, and checked her pulse. "She's dead."

"Stay with me. I'm not losing you today." Tony tried to help Nat up, but she refused.

"No, Tony, stop. I'm not making it out this time. Let me go." She turned towards Peter, and smiled slightly. "I like you Peter. Make sure you never hurt Y/N. Because I will haunt you." She chuckled slightly, but started coughing.

Peter headed over to her, and crouched next to Tony. "I won't. I never will."

"Nat, you aren't dying. Not today." Tony said, his eyes starting to tear up.

"Better me than you. Tony, promise me you'll be alright. Promise me you all will be alright."

He nodded, "I promise." He wiped his eyes. "Nat ... Nat? Nat! No..."

She closed her eyes.

That was the end of Natasha Romanoff.

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