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"Sis? You can't be my brother."

"You can't choose your family. I just happen to be yours."

"Then how? We're the same ag-"

He shook his head. "I lied. I'm 18. My dad won custody of me, and I lived with him until a few years ago, when he died. After that, I found Sophia, and well, I wanted to help her. Sort of a family business now."

This is insane. I've been kidnapped, and now I have a secret brother. Surely nothing weirder can happen, right?

"You people are crazy. Why am I here?" I reached into my pocket for my phone, but it wasn't there. Typical.

Luke held up my phone. "Sorry sweetie, I took the phone. Can't have you telling the world about us now."

He opened the door, and started to walk out before turning around and saying, "And you'll find out tomorrow."

A family reunion. Great.


Peter's POV

I knocked on the door of the Stark house. Y/N was missing, and I needed to help.

The door opened, "Peter, come in." I followed Cap inside.

The room was full of the Avengers. No-one seemed to notice I was here, they were all so busy.

"Alright kid, we need everything you know." Cap said.

"She wanted me to come round last night, but I was busy. She was going to ask Luke, but I didn't hear from her after that."

If only I hadn't been busy. She would have been okay. Now she's gone.

Bruce looked up. "Who's Luke?"

"He's a guy from our school. They're friends."

"Luke who?" Bruce asked.


Bruce started typing something on his laptop.

"What can I do to help?" I asked, turning to Cap.

"You can help us search places. Our leads were all wrong, but Bruce thinks he can find her."

I hope she's okay. I don't want anything to happen to her.

Pepper opened the door, and came into the room. "I've got some news."

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