The Robbery

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*Peter's POV*

Ned had come over to mine to watch Star Wars. I do wish Y/N was able to come over though. Maybe another time.

"So what's happening between you and Y/N?" Ned suddenly asked. He paused the movie, and turned to look at him.

"What exactly do you mean?" I think I knew what he meant, but I had to be sure.

"Do you like her?" He continued to eat the popcorn in front of him.

"Yeah, she's great. Can we get back to the movie now?"

He raised his eyebrows at me, and replied, "So you have a crush on her?"

We've known each other a week, I would hardly say it's a crush. I guess it could be explained as a crush, but we don't really know each that well.

"I guess, maybe?" I reached for the remote next to Ned but he pulled it away from me. He wasn't letting this thing go.

"One more question, are you going to ask her out?" It was as if Ned shipped us or something.

"No. We don't know each other that well. And she's Mr Stark's daughter so-" My phone buzzed. I picked it up and checked the notification. Robbery at a small shop nearby.

"Gotta go, it's Spidey time." I grabbed my bag and swung out of the window. Ned was about to say something, but I had gone before he had the chance.

I dropped down into an alleyway, and changed into my suit. I hid my bag as best as I could, and swung towards the shop.

I landed outside, in what I would say was a very superhero-like pose. I shot a web at the door and swung them open, then strode inside.

There were two people, one at the cash register, and another holding a gun at what I assume was the shop owner.

They turned to look as I entered the shop. The one at the register stopped, and picked up a gun beside him.

The first one ran towards me, and kicked my shin. I punched them, and shot a web and pulled the gun from their hand. "I'll take that, thanks."

The other aimed and shot. They missed, and again. They shot once more, and I ducked, narrowly avoiding the bullet.

I went to shoot a web, when the first one kicked my shin again. Seems like this one only has one attack. Same shin too.

I shot a web at the gun, and pulled it towards me, and turned and kicked him in the stomach. I webbed his hand to the floor, and webbed the second one to the wall.

They struggled to get up, pulling at the webs.

"You won't get out of those. You're both going to jail." I walked over to the shop owner and helped him up.

"Thanks Spiderman."

"Just doing my job." I could hear sirens approaching. "Cops on the way, so I'll get going."

I started leaving the shop, when a criminal growled "Go to hell."

"I think I'm good."

I saw a cop car about to pull up. I waved at them, and swung away.

I landed in the alleyway I left my bag in, and grabbed it. At least I didn't lose it again.

I swung back to my room, and climbed through the window. Ned was still watching the movie.

"What happened?"

I took my mask off, and started to change back to my clothes. "A robbery at a shop. I stopped it though."

Ned paused the movie, and sat down.

"Did I miss anything?"

"Just some of the movie." He paused for a minute, and then added, "And I texted Y/N for you."

For me? About what?

I reached for my phone. "What, why, what for?"

"You like her, but you don't want to do anything about it because you're scared. I was just helping you out."

I opened my phone, and there was a chat with Y/N. She had answered what Ned obviously texted.

Hey, want to get some coffee tomorrow?

Sure, I know a great coffee place

"You asked her on a date for me?"

"Not a date, just so you get to know her. I'm getting your relationship started for you. You should thank me." He reached for the remote, and continued, "Did she say yes?"

I nodded. "I guess you did help actually. But what if she thinks it's a date?"

Ned shrugged. "So what? It's a good thing either way."

He had a point.

"I'm pressing play."

At least now I had a possible date with Y/N. I don't think Mr Stark would agree though. But that's a problem for another day.

A/N: I don't know how well this story is going, but add it your library if you're enjoying it :)

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