Check Up

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It's been a few hours since they gave me that serum. Has it been a few hours? Maybe more, maybe less, time seems to pass so slowly in here.

I don't know what that serum did. It hasn't affected me yet. I'm tired though, but that's really just because of these godamn cells. I should at least get a pillow, I am related to their leaders.

The man from the cell next to me hasn't come back yet. There was a woman in another cell, but she's left again, and I don't think is coming back. That just leaves me, all alone, until I decide to help them.

Luke walked into the room, holding a clipboard. "I've come to check up on you sis, how's it going?"

I sighed, and lay down on the floor, resting my head on my jacket. "Well, you know, I've been imprisoned and experimented on by my family, so not exactly a great week."

"We can let you out if you want, you know that." He sat on the floor in front of cell.

I sat up. "I doubt that. Is there not anyone else who can do this check-up?"

"There is, but you're stuck me with. So," He paused, and twirled the pencil round his fingers, "Have you had any headaches, dizziness, things like that?"

I shook my head. "Completely fine. What does this serum do?"

He wrote some words down on the paper. "It's supposed to give you abilities, but I don't know what they are, I don't work in the lab."

"Then how come I don't have any abilities yet?"

"Be patient. Everyone else we have tested that particular serum on has only been affected after about a day, but they've always died shortly after."

"Oh, how lovely." I yawned, and looked back at Luke. "Can you do your little sister a favour and give me my phone back?"

He shrugged, and reached into his pocket. "Why not? It's out of charge anyway, you can't contact anyone."

He passed it through the bars of the cage, and I picked it up. "Is that the end of the check-up?"

He nodded. "Nothing bad has happened yet, so that's good. We have to check again in about 5 or 6 hours."

"Alright, you can go now."

"Are you going to help us?" He put the clipboard on the floor.

"I don't really want to, but what choice do I have? You're going to reveal Peter's identity to the world."

"Sofia says you have until the next check-up to decide. I'd suggest giving in and joining us."

I sighed. All I could think about is what my dad would do. He would be able to do the right thing, and save Peter without helping these monsters, so why can't I?

Luke picked up the clipboard and stood up. "Do you need anything in here? A book or something. I know that these cells aren't the best place to be."

"Why are you suddenly be a nice person again?"

"You're my sister, I should at least be a bit nicer to you."

"Fine, then a book would be nice. And a pillow."

He nodded, and started to walk out the room, before a person in a lab coat ran in.

"Mr Williams, we have a problem." She said, breathing heavily.

"What is the problem? Have the Avengers found us?"

"Not yet, but they're close. The current problem ... Mr Stark is awake."

A/N: I don't think I'm near the end of this book yet, but would you lot ever read a sequel of it?

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