The Video

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"Y/N, we need to talk to you." Steve said, as he closed the door to the house.

We had left the hospital, but we still didn't know whether he would make it.

"Can we talk about it tomorrow? I really just want to sleep now."

I went to my bedroom, ignoring whatever they were saying. I just really wanted to be alone right now.

I picked up my phone, to see messages from Peter and Ned. I'll deal with them tomorrow.


I woke up to the sound of knocking on my door. I stretched, and rubbed my eyes. I had a terrible night sleep, I couldn't stop thinking about that day.

I got up and opened the door, to see Steve standing there.

"Morning Y/N, we need to show you something."

"I've got scho-'" I started to say, but I didn't actually want to go, not today anyway, "Okay, yeah, give me a minute."

I walked back over to my bed, and picked up my phone. May as well text back and Peter and Ned.

"We'll be downstairs."

He walked away, leaving the door open. "You could at least close the godamn door," I muttered to myself.

I got up, and closed the door. I opened up my messages on my phone. I texted Ned first.

We didn't see you at school again, is everything okay?

Not really, it's a long story, I'll explain tomorrow

I texted Peter next.

Did everything go okay?

It was the worst, I'll tell you about it tomorrow X

I got changed and went downstairs, to see a few of the Avengers. I'm guessing they stayed over last night, they do it a lot. The rest must have been asleep still.

"What's wrong?"

"We need to tell you something." Nat said, shuffling her feet.

"I'm aware. What is it?"

"You're in danger." She told me.


"We should tell you the whole story..." Steve explained. "Tony, his crash wasn't an accident. Someone targeted him."

He glanced towards Pepper, who carried on the story. "Your mother escaped from jail a while ago. About a month."

I remember hearing my dad and Steve talking about that. That was my mother? Why didn't they tell me?

"Her, and whoever she's working with, were the ones who did this to Tony." Pepper couldn't keep eye contact with me.

I don't know how I could react. My dad could die, and it's all because of my mother - no, I don't count her as anything close to a mother.

Steve handed me my dad's laptop. "He suspected something might happen. There's a video for you."

They all got up, and started to leave the room.

"We'll give you some time," Nat smiled at me, trying to comfort me I guess.

I waited until they had left the room, before opening the laptop. The video was already open ready. I pressed play.

"Hey kiddo, I guess I should explain ... Basically everything really. Before you were born, I found out that your mother - Sofia - was working to take over the city, with these genetically mutated people. I waited until you were born, and then got her arrested. We never found who she was working with, but she vowed that if she got out, she would come for us. I- I should have done something sooner, and now you're in danger."

His eyes were tearing up, but he brushed them away.

"We thought their experiments were stopped, until she broke out. Then there were sightings of superhumans. We knew she was coming for me first, and we tried to stop it. I'm guessing if you're watching this, we didn't manage to stop it. The Avengers will do everything, and they will stop her, I promise you that."

He paused, and rubbed his eyes again.

"I don't know what has happened to me, but just know that I love you kid, and I will always be watching over you. I'm not leaving you alone, not now, not ever. Live your life as full as you can, and just remember that I'll always be there for you. Stay safe kiddo, I'm so sorry for whatever has happened. I love you."

That was the end of the video. I was sobbing, trying to wipe away my tears. "I love you too Dad."

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