A Hidden Lab

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A/N: This chapter isn't from Y/N's POV, it's a third person perspective, but I didn't know what to label it. Sorry it's so short. Enjoy!

*1 month later*

The woman was pacing the small lab. She couldn't leave this building, not unless she wanted to be caught.

Her old friends were here with her. Not friends, more allies. They had continued what she couldn't all those years ago. But now she was back. Ready.

The lab was filled with colourful tubes of substances. All gave a different ability, but none had been tested on humans. Not yet.

Today was the day. The day that they would finally take over the city. Maybe even the world.

"We're ready." A man told her, putting his tools down. "Would you like to go first?"

She picked up a tube from the side. "I'll go with this one."

Someone passed her a syringe, and she filled it with the substance.

"This city doesn't stand a chance." The man told her.

"Neither does Tony Stark. I will destroy his life, like he destroyed mine."

She picked up the syringe, and pressed the needle into the skin of her arm.

It had begun.

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