Let Me Out

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"What? He's okay?"

They ignored me. Luke continued to speak to the scientist.

"We're so close to getting her on our side. Keep him away from here at all costs. Try to kill him this time."

She nodded, and quickly left the room. Luke turned back to me. "Sofia will be here for the next check-up. Make your choice."

"No, please. Let me out, I have to see him." He laughed and left. "Luke!"


Sofia still hasn't turned up yet. I've made my choice, I have to work with them. For Peter.

The serum is affecting me. Luke said it would take a day, but it's only been a few hours. I'm dizzy, having heat flashes, and I've passed out a few times. I feel like it's going to get worse.

I'm going crazy in here. I don't know how long I've been here anymore. Time passes so slowly.

"Sweetheart, how's it going?" Sophia walked in, holding a clipboard.

"Don't call me sweetheart." I grumbled.

She walked in front of the cell. It's surprising how different we look, considering she is my mother. "Okay kid-"

"Just call me Y/N."

"I never did want to call you Y/N, your father came up with that. So, did you choose?"

"I'll work with you, just don't tell anyone about Peter."

"Alright, deal. So how are you feeling?"

"Terrible, thanks to you."

"You do look terrible, you've gone very pale. Have you passed out? Heat flashes?"

I nodded, and she pulled a walkie-talkie out of her pocket. "Someone in the infirmary, please come and collect my daughter from the cell, she needs medical attention."

"How long have I got? Until I die."

"You won't die, our team know how to fix you." She shuffled her feet. "I've lost you once, I won't lose you again."

I chuckled. "You don't give a shit about me. You kidnapped me, you've injected me with this serum that hasn't ever worked before and you're blackmailing me to work with you. Don't pretend you care."

People with lab coats rushed into the room. "Y/N, I know we seem bad people, but it's the right thing to do. You'll realise that."

I don't think I will.


The medical staff dragged me to the infirmary. I was too tired to fight them.

They strapped me to a chair in their, and starting injecting me with all kinds of things. It's like they didn't realise that's what got me into this mess.

I must have been in there for a good 15 or 20 minutes, before I started to feel better. I suppose they did know what they were doing. It doesn't make them good people though.

"Sis, you're working with us!" Luke ran in, smiling.

"I guess so."

"It's sort of a family business now."

I rolled my eyes. The moment they let me out of these walls, I was going to find my dad, and Peter, and tell them everything. They really shouldn't trust me.

"You should rest a bit, and then we can test your abilities."

I forgot that was what the serum was for. "What abilities do I have? And how come they haven't shown up yet?"

"You just need to know how to trigger them, that's all. And it's a surprise." Ugh, I really don't feel like surprises right now.

The scientists left the room, and Luke went to follow, "Rest here for a bit. Then we'll get started on training."


I tried to sleep, but this chair is so uncomfortable. They should get better furniture. Maybe a trip to Ikea for our first mission?

There were loud noises from outside the room. Crashes and shouts. I wanted to know what they were, but I'm stuck.

The door burst open.

"Y/N, oh thank god we found you." Peter, or rather, Spiderman said, breathing heavily.

"Parker?" I could feel myself smiling wider than I have for a long while.

Someone flew past, and landed right outside the door.


"Hey kiddo."

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