Pizza Day

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It's been about a week since I've started Midtown. I've got to say, it's been going well.

I've been hanging round Ned and Peter a lot too. They're basically my only two friends. More than I had in my last school though.

It was lunch so I went to sit at my usual table, with Pete and Ned. Michelle was sometimes there too, but not right now. I guess she was my friend too.

It was pizza day. Apparently it happened every Friday here. I love pizza.

I put my tray down on the table and sat across from the two of them.

"Y/N, you like Star Wars right?" Ned asked me.

I started to eat some of my fries, and replied "Of course."

"What's your favourite?"

I thought for a minute, then said "Empire Strikes Back."

"Yeah, yeah I agree with that." Peter added, smiling at me. Honestly, he was so darn cute. But we're just friends.

"You two busy later? We should watch it." Ned asked, turning to look at us both.

"I can't, it's movie night with the Avengers."

The Avengers are basically my family. We have these movie nights every week or so. Tonight,  we were supposed to be watching 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'. Steve has never seen it, but I guess he did miss a lot.

"That sounds awesome." Ned replied in awe. "What about you Pete?"

"I'm in." He took a sip of his drink before looking at me, "it'd be better if you were there though."

I saw Peter blush slightly, and look away. He looked towards Ned, who just raised his eyebrows at him. I'm guessing this is how they communicate 'secretly'.

The rest of lunch was just general conversation. A normal chat between friends.

Something weird happened though. Well, not weird, I guess that's the wrong word.

At one point, someone passed us to talk to Peter. That wasn't the unusual bit. I didn't know who they were, but I think they were on the mathletes with Peter. They asked Peter about 'the Stark internship'. Thing is, my dad's never mentioned ever doing an internship.

Maybe it wasn't unusual. Maybe I was just making it seem more unusual. Who knows?

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