Movie Night

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Some of the Avengers were here for movie night: Steve, Nat, Bruce, Wanda, and my dad. And me, of course. The rest were all busy, but they'll probably make it next week.

"What snacks does everyone want?" My dad shouted from the kitchen.

I was helping him get snacks for the night. I started to grab bowls from the cupboards.

"Popcorn!" Nat shouted back.

We started emptying popcorn into bowls. I still was thinking about that 'internship' Peter did. It seemed weird, so who better to ask than my dad?

"Dad, can I ask you something?"

He threw one of the empty popcorn bags in the bin, and replied, "Sure thing kiddo, what's up?"

"Since when did you do internships?" May as well get straight to the point.

He went silent for a minute. "For a while, why?"

That was a lie. I've known him long enough to know that when he's lying. He hates lying to me.

"Dad, tell the truth." I reached into one of the popcorn bowls, and ate a piece. "How come you're lying about Peter Parker?"

"Are you two friends?" He's going to into 'over-protective mode'.

I nodded,and waited for him to continue. "I shouldn't tell you if he hasn't."

I reached for more popcorn, and my dad turned to look at me. It was time to use my superpower: puppy dog eyes. It works every time. Like now.

"Fine, but you can't say anything about this. It'll put you both in danger ... He's Spiderman."

He's Spiderman? I'm friends with Spiderman. Awesome.

"But don't try and help him on missions or anything, you know the rules."

I know the rules all right, I can't help out on missions unless my dad is there. 'To keep me safe' as he always says.

"I've missed a lot of years in that ice, I don't want to miss more waiting for you two, hurry up!" Steve shouted.

"Patience Capsicle!" Dad yelled back.

We picked up the bowls of popcorn and headed back to the group.

"Can I get a supersuit? Like you?" I whispered to my dad as I sat down.

He shrugged, and muttered "Maybe, maybe."

I sat down between Nat and Wanda. My dad sat next to Steve, and Bruce was in the armchair.

"Can I start the movie now?" Bruce asked.

My dad nodded. "Pepper says she'll be round in about an hour, but she told me not to wait."

I guess I haven't mentioned Pepper yet. My dad and her are dating, and she's basically a mother to me. I've never met my actual mother, but everyone says she's a very bad person, and in jail, so I'm not missing anything.

Bruce started the movie, and we all sat and watched it. Steve would ask random questions about the movie, and Nat made sarcastic comments back, so a typical Avenger movie night.

My phone buzzed about half an hour into the movie. I pulled it out my pocket, and checked the notification. It was from Peter.

Hey, want to get some coffee tomorrow?

Was this a date? It's too soon for him to ask me on a date, right? I don't really have much experience on relationships, I don't know.

I tapped Wanda on the shoulder, and showed her the text. She read it, and then I showed Nat.

"Who's Peter?" Wanda muttered.

"He's a friend. From school." I whispered back. "Is he asking me on a date?"

If my dad, or Steve, or even Bruce, heard this conversation, they would go into full over-protective mode.

"It seems like it." Nat whispered, leaning to grab some popcorn.

"What do I do?"

I looked over to the guys, and they were still watching the movie. They hadn't noticed anything.

"Do you like him?" Nat asked.

"Maybe, I don't really know yet."

Wanda murmured, "Go with him. If it's a date, maybe you'll work out you're feelings." She paused to eat some popcorn. "And if it's not, then it's just coffee."

Nat nodded in agreement. I muttered thanks to them, and replied to the text.

Sure, I know a great coffee place

I put my phone back in my pocket, and continued to watch the movie. I wouldn't know what I'd do without those two helping me.

So I was going on a possible date with Spiderman. But he doesn't know I know he's Spiderman. And I'm not supposed to know he's Spiderman. And it'll put us 'in danger'.

Why did I have a feeling that something bad was going to happen soon?

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