It's Only An Hour

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Ugh it's eventually Friday. Fridays aren't like they used to be at the Stark house any more. We used to have a movie night, but it didn't feel right to do it without dad.

I dropped my bag off by the front door, and walked to the kitchen. I grabbed a bag of Doritos, and headed to my dad's lab. That's where the Avengers spend most of their time here, when they're trying to find Sofia.

"Hey kid, good day?" Steve asked me, as he looked over some maps. It was only Steve and Nat here.

"Eh, it's school, it's not normally great. How's the search going?"

"She does well at keeping herself hidden. We think she think has two bases, and we think we've found one of them. Were going to search it later, when someone else gets back." Nat replied.

"Bruce or Clint should be back within an hour or so." Steve said, circling something on the map.

"You should go now, it's only an hour, I'll be okay."

They glanced towards each other.

"I don't know if that's a good idea." Nat said. "Something could happen. She is looking for you after all."

"I know how to defend myself. And I could see if Peter or someone can come over, I won't be alone then."

They glanced at each other again, before Steve sighed, "Okay, Nat, give her a gun. Don't let anyone in unless you know them."

"Okay got it."

Nat handed me a gun. "Do you remember how to use that?"

I nodded, and she gave me a hug. "Good, now it's only an hour, so don't do anything stupid."

She left the room, and Steve went to follow her, "Be careful kid."

"Yes sir," I answered, doing a salute. Steve shook his head, laughing to himself, and then went to follow Nat.


I closed my bedroom door, and put the gun on the bedside table. I doubt I'll actually have to use it. I sat on the bed and started to eat the Doritos.

I took my phone from my pocket, and texted Peter.

Hey, are you busy?x

He replies quite quickly.

I've got Spidey business to attend to, I'll call you in about 5 minutes x

I sat on my phone a bit more, reading a Supernatural fanfiction on Wattpad. My phone buzzed, with the call from Peter.

"Hey Parker, everything go alright?"

"Just a guy trying to steal a car, so wasn't too difficult. What's up anyway?"

"Steve and Nat have left me alone, and you know how worried they get. Are you able to come over?"

"May wants me at home, I'm so sorry. Do you want to come over here?"

"I can't leave the house. I'll see if Luke or someone is busy. It'll make Steve feel better if anyone is here, even if they aren't a superhero."

"Okay, be careful, I still don't trust him."

"Well, I guess I should listen to Spiderboy."

"You know it's Spiderman." He laughed slightly. "I should get going, I love you."

"I love you too, bye."

I opened up my chat with Luke to text him.

You busy?

Not really, why?

Want to watch a movie or something here? Peter's busy and I hate being alone here.

Sure, I'll be so over soon.

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