Visiting Tony

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A/N: I really want to go back and rewrite most of this story, I could have much better, and had a better storyline, so I might do that soon.

Peter was walking me home after school. My dad has been in the hospital for a week now, but he isn't getting better. Not yet anyway.

"How far is the hospital from here?"

"I don't really know, maybe 15 minutes walk, why?"

"Let's go visit your dad."

I nodded, and then Peter pulled me into a nearby alleyway. There sure is a lot of alleyways round here.

"It's much quicker this way. Hold on."

I wrapped my arms round his neck. "What if someone sees you?"

He pulled out his mask from his bag, and put it on. "Problem solved." He's going to get caught one day, just watch.

He swung himself above the buildings, and towards the hospital. I still hated heights.

We dropped down, a little way down from the hospital. He took his mask off, and we walked towards the hospital.

"You need to be careful, someone will realise who Spiderman is."

"I am, don't worry."


We reached the room my dad was in. I greeted the nurse as we went into the room.

"Is he getting better?"

The nurse walked to the door, and said, "Not yet, but at least he's not getting worse."

They left the room, and me and Peter pulled up a chair.

"Hey Dad, it's me again. I brought Peter this time."

"Hi Mr Stark."

I really hoped Dad could hear me. I've read it's possible, but I don't really know. I just have to hope.

"The Avengers fought another one of those superhumans yesterday. They had telekinesis this time. So that's another one in prison."

I shuffled my feet, and glanced towards Peter.

"I don't know if you can hear me, but I really miss you. I'm so scared, I don't want to lose you."

Peter reached for my hand, "Are you-"

"No I'm not okay. He could be dying, and my mother wants to kill me."

Peter kissed my forehead, and whispered, "It'll be okay, your dad will be fine. And your mother can't touch you, she'll have to get through the Avengers - and me - first."

He turned to my dad. "Mr Stark, it's me, Peter. Parker. I just wanted to tell you that your daughter will be safe. You have nothing to worry about, you just need to get better and wake up."

I wiped the tears from my eyes, "I love you Parker."

"Love you too Stark."

I turned back to my dad, "So I'm sure there's more to tell you ... oh, Pepper says when you wake up, we should get a dog."

Me and Peter sat and told him everything he had missed that day. I hope he could hear us. I hope he would just wake up.

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