The Final Showdown

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I turned to the shorter man, and grabbed his arm. I must have channelled the sparks somehow; he let go of me, and fell to the floor. I don't know how I did it.

Peter grabbed my hand. "Run."

We ran down the corridors, until we were out of breath. "We really should leave. I have no web, and you have no idea how to use these powers."

"Do you hear that shouting?" I asked We went silent, and Peter turned to look down the corridor.

"It's this way." We headed towards the shouting, and he turned back to me. "Is this really a good idea?"

I grabbed his hand. "Probably not, but I can control them enough not to electrocute you, so it can't be that difficult. And you're Spiderboy."

"Are you ever going to call me Spiderman?"

"What do you think?" He rolled his eyes, and chuckled.

We reached a door. The noises were coming from here, I'm sure of it. "You ready Parker?"


I opened the door, to face what was inside. It was chaos. Sofia was there, fighting against my dad.

She turned to us, and waved, flames coming from her hands. "Y/N, how nice of you to join us. And you brought Mr Parker with you."

"Did you know she could do that?" Peter whispered to me. I shook my head.

My dad shot at her, but she blocked it with a shield she created. I'm guessing she had multiple powers. But why did she need all these super soldiers if she had powers already?

"Y/N, Peter, I told you to leave. It's not safe here." My dad shouted, flying up to avoid the flames.

"We had to help. I couldn't leave you to fight her by yourself."

Sofia dodged a shot from my dad, and rolled towards a gun on the floor. "After what you did to me Tony, you deserve this." She grabbed the gun from the floor.

I held my hands up, but the sparks weren't there. "Pete, what do I do?"

"The gun won't penetrate the suit. Try and focus, you can do this. I believe in you." He told me.

Sofia turned towards me, "Sorry sweetheart. But at least I'm using this instead of fire."

She aimed it towards me, and pulled the trigger.

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