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Peter ran over, and helped me out of the chair. "Are you alright?"

"It's better now that you're here," I said, kissing him. "I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too."

I headed over to my dad, and he stepped out of his suit.

"You're alive." I hugged him. I didn't think he would survive.

"Seems like you're stuck with me for a bit longer kiddo," He said.

I turned to look at Peter. "They know that your Spiderman. They want to expose you." I turned back to my dad. "And there's this guy, Luke, apparently he's my brother."

"So much family drama. And I'll make sure Underoos is okay. What did they do to you in here?"

"They injected me with something the other day, and I was becoming really ill so they sorted it here."

"What did they inject you with?"

I shrugged. "They wouldn't tell me yet. Just some sort of power."

"Mr Stark, we really should get going."

My dad stepped back into his suit. "I'll go and deal with them. You and Underoos need to get out of here."

"Dad, let us help, we can fight."

"You just need to be safe kid." He flew out of the room and down the corridor.

"I'm guessing we're not going to listen to him." Peter said.

"Of course not."


"Stark, this way."

I followed him down a corridor. "Are you sure?"

"Not really, but the noises seem to be this way."

We continued to walk, until we heard voices getting louder. Closer.

We stopped moving. "Where do we hide?" I whispered to Peter.

"We can't."

I didn't recognise the voices. There were two of them, both men.

"We're supposed to find the girl. Kill anyone else we find." One said, his voice getting louder.

"Let's just leave, she can't control us now." The other one said.

"She gave us our powers, we owe her everything. Now, don't get in my way."

They turned the corner, and saw us. I mean, we weren't really hidden, it was quite obvious.

"There you are. The boss wants you." The first voice said. He was tall, his black hair messy and spiked, and a scar down the left side of his face.

He smirked, and closed his eyes. We watched as he completely disappeared.

"Awesome." Peter muttered. I rolled my eyes at him. "Oh right, we need to fight him. That's not good."

The other man was blonde, a bit shorter than his partner but still quite tall. He held his hands out, and they glowed orange.

"What do you think his -" The wall behind us shattered, leaving a crumbling hole. "Holy shit that's awesome!" Peter shouted.

"This is really not the time!"

The blonde muttered, "Dammit I missed again. I hate these powers." He turned to the man next to him, or rather, the space where the man was. "You get the boy, I'll get the girl."

"How can we fight an invisible guy?" I asked Peter.

"Maybe I could just shoot-" Peter fell to the floor. "Found him."

Peter shot a web, and then another, but they all just stuck to the ceiling. Fighting an invisible guy is hard.

The blonde headed towards me, and tried to punch me. I dodged, and kicked his shin.

I turned back to see Peter, getting up and falling again, his lip bleeding. I ran over, but I was pushed against the wall.

"You okay?" Pete said, breathing heavily.

"Are you? You're bleeding."

He shot a web up, and again, and once more. "I'm out of web."

"Did you bring more?"

He checked the remaining containers. "I've used them all, I forgot to replace them." He stood up, and fell against the wall next to me. "Let's just run."

I grabbed his hand, but he let go suddenly. "Sorry, electric shock."

He was pulled back again, and the blonde grabbed my arm. "You aren't going anywhere."

"Stark, look at your hands!"

I looked down. There were sparks, coming from my fingers.

I guess I found my ability. Awesome.

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