The Photo Album

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Me and Peter have been dating for around a month now. It's going well, he's so sweet and kind and just amazing in general.

Today could be a little awkward though, my dad has decided to invite him to the Avengers movie night. A lot of the Avengers are turning up too, they don't want to miss meeting my boyfriend. It's going to be so embarrassing, I can tell already.

There was a knock at the door.

"That'll be Peter, can you all behave yourselves?" I shouted.

"That's a difficult thing to ask from these lot." Bruce answered.

I opened the door, and invited Peter in. "Hey Parker."

"Hey Stark." I closed the door behind him, and stood awkwardly next to him.

"Hello Man of Spiders!" Thor shouted from the sofa.

"Hi Thor, nice to finally meet you."

Nat passed us, and mumbled, "I'm sorry for what will happen later." That doesn't sound good.

"Come on, let's sit down." I grabbed Peter's hand, and pulled him over to the sofa.

"Underoos, eventually!" My dad put the bowls of popcorn on the table and sat next to Peter.

Everyone else came to sit down too: Nat, Bruce, Steve, Bucky, Pepper and Clint.

"Is this the guy you're dating then?" Bucky asked me.

"Yes it is."

Steve turned to my dad. "Have you given him the dad talk yet?"

"Not yet, I'll get round to it." My dad told him, reaching to the popcorn.

"I'll do it if you don't.

"Sure thing Capsicle."

"Are we actually going to watch the movie?" I asked them.

Nat ate some popcorn, and told me, "Probably not for a while with what they're planning."

"I tried to stop them, they wouldn't listen." Pepper said.

I looked towards Peter, and then at my dad. "What are you planning?"

Clint laughed, "Now sounds like a good time to begin."

Bruce passed my dad a book. I knew what this was.

"Dad, please don't."

"Sorry kiddo, as a father, I must embarrass my child."

He opened up the book, or rather, the photo album.

"So here's a baby Y/N Stark..." My dad started to tell Peter.

"You were a cute baby." Peter mumbled.

"Wait, go back to that page." Bruce flipped the page back. "Are you wearing the Iron Man helmet?"

Pepper laughed, "I remember that, your dad used to call you the Iron Baby ... Even though you were about 6."

"The Iron Child sounded like a stupid name. Iron Baby was better."

"Can we just watch the movie now?" I asked.

"Do we have any pop tarts?" Thor asked. I pointed over to the kitchen, and he went to go and find some.

"We haven't finished the photos yet," my dad turned the page and showed Peter, "This was her first day at school."

"At least they aren't so embarrassing." Peter told me.

"Just wait Underoos, it gets better."

"Underoos, that's amazing." Bucky muttered, laughing.

"I found the pop tarts." Thor came and sat back down, with a box of pop tarts in his hand.

My dad turned the page of the album, and broke out into laughter. We all leant over to look at the photo. It was a photo of me with ice cream smeared round my face. I was like 2, I clearly couldn't do very much right.

Nat took the album out my dad's hands, and put it on her lap.

"You're spoiling our fun." Steve said.

"She might die of embarrassment, but you can get it back later."

"I'll just tell Underoos some stories instead."

"We could just watch the movie?" Peter offered.

Bruce grabbed some popcorn, and asked, "Star Wars?"

Bucky turned and asked, "What's Star Wars?"

"He doesn't know!" Nat squealed.

"Definitely Star Wars, get it started Bruce." My dad told him.

"I'm sorry this is so embarrasing." Peter whispered to me.

"It could be worse. And just wait till someone gives you the dad talk."

"Can't wait." Peter reached for my hand.

Nat turned and threw popcorn at us."Lovebirds, shut up, the movie's starting."

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