What's Ar-ro-gant?

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Spencer shrieked.

The impact was hard. She was about to fall in a bad way.

Jin's adrenaline rushed and he instantly grabbed Spencer's free hand. After getting a grip, he held the woman's waist using his left arm. Jin twitched his body to be able to catch Spencer before hitting the floor.

Whew. That was close. She could have hit her head first.

Their bodies are touching. Jin felt Spencer holding tight on him. His body was bent over and is embracing the woman's tiny body. His eyes are on Spencer's face. Her eyes are close and her face looks pale. They stayed there for the hell they don't know how long.

Spencer can hear someone's heart beating. Their breathe almost close to each other. Spencer slowly opened her eyes and the first thing he saw is the eyes of an angel.  Angel? Oh wait, what?-

This is the arrogant guy he just bumped into a while ago! And again?

Spencer let go of the man and fix her composure. Was he embracing her? Were they embracing?


"What do you mean what?"

Spencer's lips trembled. She really doesn't know what to say. What should she say? Ask why did they bump into each other again? Why is he embracing her? Why did he raise his brows on their first encounter? Spencer, what!

Not too long, the man spoke again. Stuttering.

"What is ar-ro-gant?"

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