Under the Covers

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Jin won't let go of Spencer. His breath is heavy and Spencer can feel how his body is shivering. She looked up to see his face. His thick eyebrows are frowning, his lips trembling.

Suddenly, Spencer felt a feeling of wanting to comfort him.

Her body responded automatically to what she is feeling now. She did her best to pull out from Jin's tight embrace. She removed the sheets covering Jin's shivering body for a while, went inside the covers and hugged Seokjin. Jin's arms encircled on her waist.

Spencer was awake the whole night looking over sick Jin... She felt relieved when Jin's breathing went calm and stopped shivering. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

They were like that all night... Sharing the covers in a tight embrace...

Spencer still wearing her swimsuit under the sheer white dress...

Jin woke up with the rays of sun hitting his face and... The feeling that he isn't alone on his bed. When he looked around, he saw a woman beside him and it didn't take awhile for him to be aware that his right hand's tied on her waist and the woman's left hand is on his arm.

He felt a rush of blood on his face realizing that it is Spencer. Spencer is beside him wearing the same clothes he has seen him wearing on the beach. With their bodies too close, Jin cannot avoid the rush of heat on his body. Goddamn. He can remember vague events yesterday but he is not sure why she is here.  Jin remained staring at Spencer's beauty.  Her face is so beautiful. He looked at her as if memorizing every inch of her face. His eyes traveled looking at the small mole on beside her eyebrows, and then he can't help it. He raised his hand and lightly touched her bare face. His hand traced the  the bridge of her nose touched her cheeks. And then... her neck....

Jin twisted his body abruptly to sit. "Oh shit." He brushed his hair with a look of desperation. "Gosh, what was it I am trying to do?"  He was about to stand but he can't. He felt the pounding pain on his head. Moments after, he noticed movements behind him.

Spencer woke up.

He slowly looked back and saw the petite lady with eyes fixated on him. 

Shifting into consciuousness, Spencer jumped off the bed.

"Oh my gosh I'm sorry! Please don't be mistaken!"

She's stuttering.

Jin does not care. He closed his eyes because his head is pounding. He then noticed she was now sitting beside him. He opened her eyes to discover her already cupping her face and appears to be figuring his state.

He leaned his head and muttered, "My head aches so bad."

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