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She must have been swimming for half an hour already but she decided to return to the hotel before the sun gives her too much burns. The weather was good a while ago but not now. Spencer grabbed her bag and headed back.

Spencer felt tired when she was already in her room. She covered the windows with the curtains, changed clothes and went to bed to take a nap. She didn't even bother taking a shower first. She is too sleepy now. Must be because of the long travel time.

She fell into sleep right away...



She is shouting.

"Let me go back! I want to go and find him!"

"Ma'am, it is not safe. Please stay here. We will try our best to find him before it gets dark."

"Noooooo! I told you I will look for him!" Spencer was about to follow the man but an officer grabbed her and put her in the rescue car and locked her in.

Spencer was hysterical, pounding the windows, crying and begging. She wants to help. She wants to make sure Toby is safe. But then they won't allow her.

Toby and Spencer are in a vacation. They love adventures and during this trip, Toby suggested they try again cliff diving. Spencer is okay with it since they usually do it. But Toby this time wanted something extreme. He insisted he wants to try jumping from the highest cliff. She is not so sure about it but Toby wants to do it. He cannot be stopped.

She was first to jump but she didn't dare to do it on the highest cliff. As she jumped off, she felt the cold and fresh air. After a while she felt the splash of water on her face and her body on the cold and blue water. Ahhhh. This is so fun!

After her jump, she looked up to check Toby, he was about to jump. He was waving at her, smiling. Toby took few steps back and then when was about to lunge, she saw it. Spencer saw it. Toby slipped and the rock from the edge of the cliff broke.



She was inside the rescue car whe Toby was found. Spencer was released from being held inside the car and she went to Toby. She saw him with blood all over his body. She thought Toby was dead but then she saw him opening his eyes. Faintly opening his eyes. Toby was rushed to the nearest hospital and his parents arrived just in time when they were told about his situation. They are all waiting outside the operating room.

Toby hit rocks before dropping on the cliff side. His right leg was badly damaged and because of that, it needs to be amputated.

His parents were devastated. They looked at Spencer as if she's the reason for all of what happened. And yes they just do. Toby's mother dashed into her and in a few, she felt a hard slap on her face.

"This is all because of you, Spencer! I told Toby I don't like you! You aren't even a match for him. Toby is the heir of Antonio Food Chain, and you? You are a poor girl aiming to get money from him!"

Spencer felt the tears running down her cheeks it won't stop. "I'm not! I love Toby! I have been doing everything to please you and Tito Mat. I am not after your money!"

"Do you think we will believe you? And look at him now! You are no good for my son! From now on, do not ever come close to Toby!"

"Tita, no. Please... I want to see him. I want to comfort him..." Spencer is begging on her knees.

"Stop it, hija" Spencer heard Mr. Antonio. "We will take Toby to Canada after the operation. Leave before our body guards force you to."

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