Stay the Night

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"I'll just go back to my room to change, I'll get you food and medicine when I return."Spencer told Seokjin while helping him lie down again. Jin nodded to agree.

She doesn't know why she wants to take care of him. Everytime she looks at him, the feeling is unexplainable. Before she can think of anything else, she chose to remind herself that it is just because she is the one responsible why Seokjin became sick.

Spencer took a quick shower upon reaching her room. She went to the hotel clinic after to ask for proper medicines Seokjin has to take. Her feet lead her to the nearby convenience store to check if they sell instant soups or porridge. She felt relieved when she saw they have it. She grabbed two and proceeded to the counter, paid and requested for it to be heated on the microwave.

Jin's been lying on the bed nearly an hour.But he can't sleep. He tried to but all he can see is the image of Spencer cupping his face. Her stare was full of worries but he loved how she looks at him that time.

Will she really come back?

As if to answer his question, Jin heard light knocks and the beautiful face of Spencer peeked as she slightly open door.

"Can I come in?"

Jin made it sure to hide the excitement on his voice when he answered.


"I bought porridge for us. And I went to the hotel's clinic to ask for meds. Sorry I took long to come back. Are you hungry?"

"Yes... I am HUNGRY..."

Spencer's face flustered. God... Why is this man staring at me like this while saying he is hungry? Am I his prey?

Nevertheless, she just tried to ignore it and helped Seokjin sit on the bed. He put the bedside table over his legs and set the food on it. She took out two bananas she also bought and removed the banana peels. She helped Seokjin on eating.

Spencer didn't leave Seokjin. She spent the day looking after him... and sketching. Thank goodness she brought her materials with her. She has long stopped sketching but now, she wants to do it again.


They had little talks the entire day. Spencer constantly asked him if he wants anything and would smile at him whenever she gets answers. She also asked him if he was feeling better just to regret his answer after.

"Are you feeling better?"

"Yes. Thank you for your help."

"No that's okay."

"Anyway, if you are feeling better, I can go back to my room later." she continued.

He regretted it and that's the reason why he asked her to accompany her until dinner. By dinner time, a hotel staff delivered food to his room . He just told her that he doesn't want to be a full burden so he won't allow her to go out again to buy food.

They have just finished eating dinner when Spencer returned to the sofa near his bed and was busy drawing on her sketchbook.

Jin is contented with his view. Just a while ago, Spencer helped her again on his bed. Their bodies were too close, her face near him. He can smell her perfume. "She likes citrus..."

Jin felt sleepy...

An hour later, he felt movements in the room. As he opened his eyes, he saw Spencer stretched her body, folded her sketch book and stood up.

"Oh, did i wake you? Seokjin, I must go now..."

"Oh okay."

"You must rest. Get a good sleep so that tomorrow, you're already fine."

Jin nodded.

What is this? Why does she sense sadness from his voice? Is he sad? Is he sad she is leaving? And why is she hoping he will stop her from leaving?

He is staring at Spencer's movements. She just took a few steps to pass by the bed. And then she looked back and that's it! He saw her eyes. Those eyes were asking. Telling him something.

Jin quickly stood up the bed, Spencer is already at the door and is now opening it. He grabbed her free hand and blocked the doorway.

"Can you please stay with me?"

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