Don't Miss the Boat

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Spencer grabbed her tumbler from her pedestal. She stretched her arms and legs then stood up to get a cupful of her favorite mocha drink at the vendo.

"Hi, Ms. Spencer!"

A junior engineer greeted her in the pantry.

"Hello! Taking your lunch?" she answered.

The junior engineer nodded while Spencer whispered to herself. Arrghhh. I forgot his name.

She went back to her area and resumed doing her network performance report from one of their projects.

James, his boss, called her name after some time in a shouting manner and that's the how she noticed that her boss came already. Spencer is too focused doing her report.

"You're too focused."

"Oh yeah. But you don't have to shout, sir!"

"Had I not shouted, you won't even notice I am here." She noticed how his boss' face went to a sad face.


Spencer uttered while doing a peace sign.

"So, why did you call me?"

"I was telling you I bought donuts and there's a matcha flavored donut so-"

"So where?" she's excited. It's her favorite.

"It's inside my pedestal."

"You're the best boss!"

"And oh, why are you still here? I offered you to take your leave right? I mean you are a great help here but it's time you enjoy sometimes."

Spencer cannot answer.

Spencer went home to find her friend Caly (or let's say her girl soulmate) slumped on the sofa watching a horror movie.

"Are you really watching a horror movie while I'm here?"

"Oh! Spence, I didn't know you'll be here already." Caly pressed the stop button on the remote control and turned off the T.V.

"Why are you here early?'

"My boss told me to go home and use my untouched vacation leaves."

"Don't tell me you will not go on a vacation and show up in your office tomorrow instead?!" Caly hysterically says.

Spencer didn't respond and that's when Caly nagged more.

"Spence you have to go out! Meet new people and travel! It has been a year since that happened and you should be forgetting about it! You used to love traveling. Don't get the past hinder you doing what you love. This is your chance to breathe and enjoy. Don't miss the boat!"

She is into deep thinking and is as if in a trance. Should I go? What if I start to recall again what happened? What if a time alone means a time to recall?


"Okay. I'll take a 2 week vacation. Now go find a decent hotel. I'm going to Palawan."

"That's my girl!"

"Shut up."

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