A Multilingual

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[author's notes: this is the start of my protagonists' encounter, as I would like to keep the citizenship of Jin as Korean and Spencer a Filipina, I'll just write everything in English but please think that Spencer is speaking Korean whenever she encounters Jin.]

"What the f-!" the tall man hisses while looking at his clothes completely spilt with yellow liquid stains.

Spencer is trying to stand, her butt hurts like hell. She looked up the tall man who isn't even helping her.

Is he an angel? Oh shit, Spence. He's a stranger. She is talking to herself again. Oh, his juice spilled.

The tall man is uttering curse words (but not for her) that is not English and yet she completely understands. The man speaks Korean.

"Mianhae. I didn't mean to bump and spill your drink."  Spencer said in an apologetic tone while still trying to stand.

Jin looked down to see the woman slumped on the floor. He raised his brow. She's Korean? She speaks Korean? Fuck, she know I was cursing? Oh my gosh. "

Jin is just staring at Spencer while Spencer was waiting for this man to help her stand. But he is just staring and now.... even, what? Raised his brow on her? After being apologetic this is what I get?  Her cool went out and that helped Spencer gained the strength to stand. She passed by the man and walked to the I.T. Room.

"How arrogant!" Spencer snapped.

"What did you say?"

Spencer looked back and went to walk again. 

Jin was confused. The girl talked to him in Korean and then something in English he didn't understand. 


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