JUST Teaching?

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Jin went back to his room to change. His t-shirt is already stained and because it's all wet, the cloth is already hugging his upper body. He looked at the mirror and noticed the sight of him with it and almost showing his built. Ahhh. That maybe is the reason why other guests are staring at him when he was in the elevator and when he was walking. Jin knows he has the looks. A witty co-teacher once called him Worldwide Handsome because almost all of the girl teachers and even homos in the University have a crush on him.

But Jin was madly in love then with Kate – his ex-girlfriend. Kate and Jin dated for about a year. They broke up just a few months before he was offered with the CEO post by his father. Kate was his first love. At first, their relationship was smooth sailing. Jin keeps up with Kate's luxurious lifestyle.  Jin isn't a bragger. He keeps it low but Kate isn't. She is an heir of an infrastructure and engineering company. They spend their dates going out eating on expensive restaurants, clubbing and shopping. He loves the woman. Until one day, Kate asked him if he plans to work on his father's hotel business. They are in Kate's friend's loft celebrating her friend's birthday.

"I don't want to deal with people who just want to climb up and beat my dead ass for money." Jin straightforwardly told his girlfriend.

"But you are the son of the owner of Kim Beach Hotels! Are you really contented just teaching?"

"Did you say JUST TEACHING?"

"Yes JUST teaching! What are you gonna get there?! As if there is success in being a musical teacher!"

Jin didn't like what his girlfriend said so he stood up and left the party.

He was hurt. She was his girlfriend but she doesn't support what he has chosen to pursue. They had couple of arguments about his job and that time was just not a good time for it. Jin thought Kate could one day understand that he likes teaching. But it seems like he was wrong.

Week passed but he didn't get even a text message from Kate.

Should I be the one to approach her? I was the one who's hurt with her words.

But, because he love the woman, he decided he should be the one to approach first. He left his girlfriend on the party. Kate must have been frustrated too. He clocked out after his last lecture to go pick some flowers for Kate before heading to his girlfriend's condo. While inside his car, Jin's phone rang. It's RM.

Jin picked up.

"Hyung, did you and Kate broke up?"


"Check my  iMessage." RM dropped the call after.

Jin checked his phone. He has 3 messages from RM. His friend sent two screenshots of two news articles.

PM infrastructure and Engineering Company enters strategic partnership agreement with Top Notch Homes

He had to take a second look on the second screenshot before stepping on the break.  It's a photo of Kate and the heir of Top Notch Homes.

Heirs of PMIEC and Top Notch spotted on a date in Jeju Island.

Jin shivered as he felt the touch of cold air on his bare upper body. Oh, he forgot to turn off the air-con. He stopped thinking about the past. He continued changing clothes and headed down reception.

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