Was that on Purpose?

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Did this guy really asked what arrogant is? She remembers now. She said that to the man before going straight to the I.T. room.

Snap. Did he purposely blocked the exit just to ask it? What if he wasn't able to catch her? She could have hit her head!

"Did you blocked the way just because you want to ask me that?!"

"Do you want to hit me because I told you those words?" Spencer was shouting.

Jin got caught off guard. He doesn't know what to say. It was true he blocked the exit but he didn't mean to hurt her. He wants to talk with her.

He was about to let words come out of his mouth when his peripheral vision saw Mr. Sejin. His mind is torn if he has to explain to this woman or approach Mr. Sejin now.

Spencer was talking, actually nagging him and demanding what he wants. He can't understand because he is thinking what to do.

He needs to do it. Jin thought. He should speak to Sejin hyung now. It's the reason he is here.

Hesitating a bit, Jin stepped back and passed by Spencer who is looking at him. Her eyes big. Bewildered.

Jin continued to walk and approached Mr. Sejin.

"Sejin hyung!"

Mr. Sejin turned to Jin.

"Seokjin. The irresponsible CEO of Kim Beach Hotels."

But Jin didn't hear Sejin, he heard Spencer who shouted an unfamiliar phrase again.

"What a jerk!"

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